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[IG] - The Best Of Tinky

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A little IG Special I threw together shortly after @Tinky's resignation last Wednesday. I managed to scrounge up a few clips from my hard drives and from Shock Discord, massive thanks to @Binny for his clips.
(also excuse my sniffles in the last few minutes, I was unwell at the time of filming)

Fare thee well, as they say.
And best of luck to you in your new job, brother.

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oh god you got the video of me accidentally mass rdming all of MH1 when I flicked the dropship too far...

edit: lowkey those sniffles sound like the minecraft drinking noise tho.

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the best tinky interaction will be 

Boshi : wanna kiss 

tinky : what are you gay cunt

Boshi: for you yes 

Tinky : * walks away in silence and leaves the discord vc*

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