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Ammunition In Events (Meme Vid)

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This is just a heavy's lot in life, its sad I know, you can help donate to the "adopt a heavy" foundation where we help support heavy's in need who have to tirelessly fiddle with the buggy ass ammunition swep to produce low quality box of ammunition at a rate of approximately one box per hour, sometimes the heavy will be payed half a credit for a full day's work of ammo producing, then again, this is a rare and they will have to walk back to their bunks with empty stomach's.

This is real footage of a heavy trying to provide ammunition for his fellow troopers, but he will never be able to produce enough and will most likely get shot by his slaver overlords before he is able to provide his quota, in this documentary video we see a wild heavy trying to save his last box of ammunition for himself as a horde of troopers chase him through the ship.

plz make ammo sweps great again

In all seriousness in the past events all I am able to do is to basically stand ontop of the holotable on level 3 and mash my 1>left click>2>let click>1>left click>2> left click keys in an attempt to kind of glitch out the ammo dispenser in order to hand around a reasonable amount of ammo for all the Z6's and rocket launchers, not to mention the 40ish players forming a "make it rain" circle around me needing ammo.

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13 minutes ago, Echo said:

lies saying it has a 1 min cooldown 

If you don't glitch it then yes, it most likely does, I stoped counting after it not shooting out ammo after 40 seconds, gotta switch the swep around like a madman to get the damn thing working

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