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It's here.

On the 6th of January 2018, two men changed the face of Star Wars RP forever, and something was demanded to be done about it. Nine days later, I started what would become one of the biggest memes to bless the Australian Garry's Mod SWRP population.

The coming videos will look like any ordinary compilation to those not well accustomed to The Best Of series that I've tirelessly worked on over the years, but to me, they are so much more. They are memories.... and it is a privilege to finally share them with the rest of you, and also the world.

Unfortunately, all of these compilations had to be kept for private viewing within their respective communities, as various companies and individuals took out copyright claims for some of the content that I used to... 'spice' up the videos.

Until now.

I think it is long overdue that these videos reach the general public, and the reward greatly overwhelms the risk. I have spent many careful hours studying, revising, and refining all of my previous content to make it more palatable to a public audience, and of course more copyright-friendly. However, I cannot thank each and every person who is in these videos enough. Without you, and without these communities, these videos wouldn't exist. This is not just for the public. This is *for you*. And it is the first of so much more to come.

The Best Of: Garry's Mod SWRP debuts next Friday, at 3:00 PM AEST.
Tune in for some classic memes from the old days of Imperial Gaming, and much more.

Much love,

Greyback x

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I thought this was a resignation and I was perplexed. Then I saw the EG logo during your video and I was ready to box on.

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*screams of juicy juicy nostalgia*

Can't wait to see all of us OG lads again on the big, un-music restricted (god help us), big screen. This is going to be a god damn blast my friend, so happy that you are re-releasing these videos to the public, I can't wait to binge watch them all again! xoxoxoxoxo



Also screams in MnM PTSD






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