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The Imperial Gaming ST Trailer Recovery Project - 2 Years Later


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Quoted from the description:

"This is a restoration project of an old IG advert team video designed to be a trailer for both ST's, and Widow Squad. Due to both the corruption of a large portion of clips, and the project being discontinued, the trailer is missing its intended voice lines. However, I have taken the time to put something together out of what I had at the time. Hopefully it serves as a reminder of good times on the server. Cheers. -Demonic."




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I was the Rebel at 2:06. I also believe I was the Stormtrooper closest to the camera at 3:45 and the Stormtrooper with a rocket launcher near the end.

I have fond memories of this trailer and I remember seeing the super rough version ages ago. I miss those days...

Thank you for preserving history Demonic

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I was one of the low ranking scout troopers and the rebel with the sniper that gets demolished at 4:33. Its kind of funny this footage without the voicelines, I'm pretty sure the stormtrooper with the white pauldron was an important character and he got sniped. He was trying to save the scout commander but during the filming they used a pulse cannon and actually got a collateral. You can see it at 4:20.

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