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[SPOILERS] TCW Episode 12: 'Victory and Death' Discussion


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This is the discussion thread for the Season Finale and Series Finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 'Victory and Death'. It, like all other discussion threads is filled with spoilers and is only to be discussed via the spoiler tag to prevent ruining the episode for others.

The following are my thoughts during my first watch through of the episode, thought I'm sure I'll be re-watching it over and over today to catch more details and hurt myself even more.


  • So this episode immediately opens differently, there's music to accompany the credits and the Clone Wars logo is slightly animated.
  • I liked the fact that even though the Clones were trying their best to kill Ahsoka and Rex they went out of their way to make sure they killed as little of them as possible.
  • Then the shock in Rex's voice as he realises Ahsoka let Maul go and he brutalized a bunch of the Clones.
  • "What is the status of CT-7567" is a crushing line to me, Jesse, one of Rex's closest companions immediately shrugs him off because of these control chips inside of their head.
  • Maul just tears through Clones again, it was sick as fuck. Maul doesn't even need a Saber at this rate wtf. And on top of that what a show of power and connection to the force by ripping it all apart.
  • They were all Clones on the bridge yet all looked so different, I like that fact since they had all developed personalities by the end of the War nearly.
  • "If they weren't trying to kill us I'd be proud." is gut wrenching, the music accompanies it as well, even a light-hearted joke is suddenly a punch in the gut.
  • They're caught in the gravitational field of a moon (is it the one Rex is on at rebels? Idk) and it reminds me of Order 66 in JFO where Cal escapes because his Master blows up the whole Venator. This is the way they're going to have to beat the 501st Legion / 332nd Battalion, by killing all of them, even inadverantly.
  • Side note, Jessie is an ARC Lieutenant.
  • I like the mix between plain, 501st and 332nd paint jobs, and Jesse being at the helm hurts me, he was one of my favourites.
  • "I don't want to hurt them." "I hate to tell you this, but they don't care. This ship is going down, those soldiers, my BROTHERS are willing to die and take you and me along with them." Rex is ruined, he is torn between the loyalty to his brothers and Ahsoka, he knows that all of those men have no choice and can barely stand to stun them, all because of the control chips and Palpatine. When she takes off his helmet and you can see the vague wetness of his face because of the tears.
  • This episode has me in my feels so much better than any episode that has come before it, it is the epitome of what Clone Wars was made to be, the music, the climax of the story, the culmination of all of these years of love for this franchise and the time period. I think this is part of the reason so many people want Clone Wars back in the community, the period is brilliant.
  • "You have you order sir, now execute it, or I will." kills me, he is so deep in the trance that he's going against his Commander who is literally holding Ahsoka at blaster point. He was given special instruction by "Lord Sidious" to eliminate Ahsoka Tano, which means Palpatine though about Ahsoka and knew she could be a weak point to Anakin.
  • "You'll be demoted to Commander and executed." "I didn't much like being a Commander anyway." had me crack up, a tiny joke in the midst of all this tension and chaos was well executed and shows Rex's true nature, as well as the reason he goes by Captain during Star Wars Rebels!
  • That was sort of ingenius how they dealt with all those Clones, most of them wouldn't be killed, only injured, and we've seen those lifts used before.
  • "Fire on those droids." and then the laugh from R7 was funny in my opinion. Another small joke cracked in the midst of all this.
  • Maul yoinks the NU-Class Freighter and Ahsoka just about Starkiller's it and pulls it back in. All the while Rex is blasting fools left and right, showing his skill over the rest of the Clones. AND R7 NO WHAT THE FUCK, HOW THEY GONNA KILL A DROID LIKE THAT. HE'S BEEN WITH HER SINCE HER FIRST COMMAND. Why am I said over a droid? Fuck. He was such a loyal soldier to her, and not just to the Republic.
  • Rex gets shot in the shoulder (hence the scorch mark on his armour in Rebels).
  • Oooo, Ahsoka's tossing of the sabers and use of the force to cut a hole in the floor was fucking sick, and I think I know where this is going since its the ground vehicle bay.
  • YO WHAT THE FUCK, THEY JUST EXECUTE THE DROIDS IN COLD BLOOD. NO WAY. WHAT THE FUCK. Those poor droids man, that was a fucking war crime, they'd surrendered at that point!
  • You can see Ahsoka and Rex getting more and more tired, as well as making more mistakes or the Clones getting more lucky.
  • I liked the 501st paint job on the Y-Wing Bomber. The fact that Rex knew how to fly it was interesting due to his experience, even though he was never specifically assigned as a Pilot.
  • The whole Y- Wing sequence where she's falling and Rex is flying feels perfect, tension and weight to it (if we didn't know they survived).
  • The Venator going down below the clouds and Rex's distraught face sent chills up my spine as the score kicked in and it cut to the crashed Cruiser. No escape pods available. Nothing. All of the 501st are gone, the music sets the scene as a sad one and then all the helmets...fuck. Even after all of that, Rex went back and buried them all out of respect. It wasn't their fault man, what else could he have done? I won't lie, as I write this I am tearing up a little. I truly loved Jesse as a character and this episode hurt me to have to watch. Ahsoka drops her sabers, which shows her disenfranchisement with the Jedi Order and the fact that she wants to stay safe (though she gets them back later).
  • Interesting, Vader goes to make sure she's dead during his beginning and actually finds the lightsaber, in his eyes, confirming her death. I liked the fact that we got to see Vader during the Clone Wars.
  • The cracked and faded 332nd helmet, all but confirming the entire death of the battalion, Vader walking away into the distance and then the fade to black, Vader went and confirmed it, Anakin Skywalker was still in there somewhere, he just couldn't see it, only Luke and Ahsoka could, and only Luke would be able to bring him back.


I have never wanted more Clone Wars than I do right now, I just want to see an alternate timeline where they were able to stop Order 66 and I didn't have to know Rex buried all of his guys one-by-one. It hurts man, it really does, imagine trying to bury your entire family x 30 all because of Palpatine, knowing it wasn't their fault and their entire purpose was to destroy the Jedi. They were being used and played from the start and Rex knew that.

I can't imagine your entire life, the entire life of all your family and your existence boiling down to the fact that you were made to destroy the Jedi, the people you relied on so heavily and trusted so deeply for your entire career as a Clone Trooper fighting a battle.

I'd hate Palpatine, I do hate Palpatine, more now than ever, they couldn't control themselves and were being used. This is the best ending that could've happened, we missed out on Gregor and Wolffe but I'm sure it'll be explained in a comic somewhere.

I have never been so content all the while wanting so much more than right now, this was a crushing episode and the best ending I could have asked for. I'm so glad they gave us Clone Wars back, even just for one season. It makes me love Rex even more than I already did and appreciate who Ahsoka became during Rebels.

I have never cried over any Star Wars media before, at all, nothing was able to even draw tears, Vader's return to the light side didn't get me. But when I say I ugly cried during the graveyard scene, I mean, I really cried, and I know all these fan edits that are going to get made are going to have me crying more and more because of this episode and that scene in particular.

This is my favourite Star Wars arc of all time, and is absolutely the best way they could've ended the season and the Clone Wars. I want more, I've always wanted more, I want to see Rex dealing with the trauma and finding Wolffe and Gregor and either realising they got their inhibitor chips out/had them malfunction or doing it himself.

I don't have much more to say, Dave Filoni is a master and should be in charge of everything Disney does with Star Wars now.
Thank you all for being on this journey with me, we can all finally be content with the end of the Clone Wars and the connection from Star Wars: The Clone Wars to Star Wars: Rebels.

Damn I love Star Wars. I have to rewatch this episode over and over to destroy myself, the Clones were all apart of Palpatine's fucking game, their entire lives, I know I already went over this, but I still can't get over it, their entire lives, everything they've lived for, everything their fellow Clones have died for, all for Palpatine's plan to destroy the Jedi.

I just want Clone Wars back on GMod and more of it on Disney+, is that so much to ask? :(

Thanks for reading fellas, next discussion thread might be Mandalorian Season 2, we'll see what comes out next.


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I'm not gonna go on my normal rant since I'm on an iPad 


That was an amazing series, 

My inner younger child Delta is spiking up bro 

Fuck I love this beautiful shit 

This episode had some highlights, Rex and ashoka fighting along side each other was fucking  brilliant 

Maul is a dog but I still think he's cool. 

This was the best form of media I've ever seen in the last year, the pacing, the music and the execution 

Solid o7 to Jesse my man 


R-7 G-G and cheep

Three best droids of the season 

You will be missed 

Also the Darth  vader scene was fucking  deep 

Like what was that man thinking omg

10/10 ;(



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I was on the R/star wars discord when I got the news that the episode came out in australlia at 1am so I went downstairs to get on the laptop. 

I REALLY hope that Ahsoka got R-7 repaired since we see his parts next to y-wing

Also I wish the other droids survived all could be repaired

also also that maul scene in hyperdrive was SOOO good


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The part where a Lambda-class shuttle appeared had me sook.

Can we also quickly just appreciate how good all the shots and cinematography is? 
The shot with the Venator emerging out of hyperspace all damaged looking was epic.
The shot with the Venator nose-first into the ground was also insanely epic.

And how can I ever forget this scene?

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This is, in every aspect, the way Clone Wars was meant to end. The attention to detail, the easter eggs, the little nods and references and just UGH! everything! And don't even get me started on the soundtrack. Nothing will ever outmatch The Clone Wars, not even The Mandalorian, although even that in itself is sitting real damn close to CW right now.

I'd love to watch this again when they recut this into a feature-film length episode. Fucking beautiful.


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Guest Tackxoipad

I also noticed in the intro sequence, a slower more dramatic? version of Padmes/Quigons Funeral theme plays, which idk makes it just that lil more upsetting 


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I have too much to say about this episode; it was beyond perfect. When the flash forward with Darth Vader happened, I started sobbing painfully. It was too perfect, too impactful, too tragic for me to handle.

In a way, Vader has a short, private moment with Ahsoka. He grasps her lightsaber gently and ignites it with no feeling of anger. The way he looks up and reflects on what has happened is so emotional; he is guilty and regretful. It's like we can almost see through the red lenses of his beautifully animated helmet.
Seeing Vader hold a blue lightsaber, especially Ahsoka's, reminds us that Anakin is still inside somewhere; he was possibly bubbling to the surface at that point. That was such a poignant moment for me, so much so I'm going to make it my wallpaper. This is one of my favourite Anakin/Vader moments.
I somewhat expected him to crush the lightsaber in his hand and destroy it, but I am beyond happy that he decides to just turn it off and keep it for himself; a little private reminder of his past life that he now has total control over.

I couldn't think of a better way to end the series, and it was totally unexpected to me. As soon as I saw that Lambda and Stormtroopers, I couldn't contain my emotions anymore. The series is now truly complete, and wraps everything together perfectly. The Rise of Skywalker could never.



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