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May 4th Forums Competition!

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This is gonna be as bad as the in-game trivia...

"Who directed the latest Star Wars movies?"
Me: J. J. Abrams
<five seconds later>
The answer is: J. J. Abrams
Me: :|


Have any of the answers so far been close at all?

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Hint #4: So I said it'd be the last one, but its not, there will be more tomorrow.

is it the Event Master team? @Happy

Veanator does in fact not work boys

13 minutes ago, Greyback said:

Have any of the answers so far been close at all?

No comment on this.

However, I have checked it using my phone, Cecil has checked it, it is written correctly, aint gonna be scuffed.

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Congratulations to @Goliath for winning the competition.

You can see the thread here, and you'll all be able to understand how CT-27-5555 "Fives" related to all of the hints.

Also spoiler photo-ish in the thread, so if you haven't seen Clone Wars Season 7 Ep 12, don't click I guess lol.


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Since some people would like to know.

Hint 1 referenced the Force theme which plays throughout Star Wars media and was recently in S7E12 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
Hint 2 referenced the planet Seelos in which Clone Commanders Rex, Wolffe and Captain Gregor were on, hence Clones and inhibitor chips.
Hint 3 referenced the fact that "The best of the best, the elite." meant ARC Troopers.
Hint 4 referenced the fact that he stood out from the other Clones (and got got for it.)
Hint 5 referenced the fact that the man who said the quote was a Clone Trooper.
Hint 6 referenced the Clones, but it was more on the nose for those of you who were falling behind / weren't as paying as close attention as possible.
Hint 7 referenced Lola Sayu and Ringo Vinda. Lola Sayu was the home of the Citadel, a place which featured Fives & Echo heavily, and had the supposed death of Echo. Ringo Vinda was the place where Tup's inhibitor chip malfunctioned and he executed order 66 on Jedi Master Tiplar.

Some other hints that I dropped without directly telling you were
"While obscure, will help you on the right path to uncovering the truth and the password to the locked thread." - I mentioned uncovering the truth.
"Conspiracy? Naw that’s true." - I mentioned a conspiracy.

Some upcoming hints were
"Clone Force 99"
"Look around! We're one and the same; same heart, same blood. Your training is in your blood. And my blood's boiling for a fight!"
"I am not just another number! None of us are!"


I also may do this again in the future since it seemed a lot of you enjoyed it and worked together investigating and delving deep into the hints, had to use more than 1% of your brain power.

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