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So currently the PAC is broken on 64bit GMOD's latest update. The symptoms of it being broken is: 

- If the PAC is bonemerged, the model is floating above the ground weirdly.
- There is a spammy FUCK OFF LOUD metal sound scraping that cannot be fixed with 'stopsound'

There are 2 ways of fixing it, the first way is permanent and the 2nd way is temporary.

1) Goto Steam Library > Garry's Mod > Properties > Betas > Switch it to "chromium - Same as x86-64"
2) In Console (In Game), disable PAC by typing "pac_enable 0"

Note: Just changing which Beta you use typically works as well as multiple people have switched to different betas and it worked.


(Made this because people complaining about my PAC making tons of noise and demanding I turn it off without listening to the fix).

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I don't seem to have this issue and I am running the 64 bit gmod.

This might be a clientside issue on your end or possibly a hardware issue.

However if something like this happens on my end ill follow through these steps.

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2 hours ago, Bailey said:

New GMod breaks old pac, new pac is coming to fix that. Just gotta wait a bit.

Yes can confirm with the new server PAC3 will be updated to the latest version so only have to wait a couple weeks. :)

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