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Star Citizen 3.9 Update Release - Bonus Week


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If anyone is or has been interested in Star Citizen the 3.9 Update just went live.

They've got a special offer going. When you create an account if you use a members referral code you get a FREE Greycat PVT Buggy 

So, if you want a free Greycat buggy, all you need to do is create an account and while creating the account use the referral code. (Must user referral code while creating account can not do it after. I've put my referral code below so use it to get yourself a free Greycat.

Referral Code: STAR-HKZJ-9YNZ



PS: Even if 5 or 20 people use the code I only get 1 free Greycat personally from the first person that uses the code. However, the code can be used by an unlimited amount of people to get themselves free Greycats.

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I knew there Must have been a reason for Cody's sudden reappearance. 

Cody, you're just pulling the same string that Gamma used to pull after he resigned from here, its kinda stale now.

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@Lars @Bailey pretty much hit the nail on the head. You can get the base game or spend stupid amounts on it. You should be able to find answers to most of your question with google, but if not feel free to DM me.


@Mauler Well your original post was alright, then you add the second line comparing me to gamma so I do have to correct you. I am still involved in the community behind scenes, as are many people. Whether working with Bailey to better develop the forums experience or our new community designer Auzii to create new exciting and update graphics that continue to move the community forwards. Or the secret advisory type stuff that we all work on. Would tell you more but then it wouldn't be a secret.

Although, its understandable how someone like yourself from the outside may see me coming on the server specifically and without knowledge of other activities just described and make the judgement you have. I've only made this post to inform others about the offer that they have.... I already have a greycat buggy... I do not need another one. I have made this post purely for the benefit of others. However, I do thank you for giving me the opportunity to clear that topic up.

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Sorry, the post came off aggressive/passive aggressive so I'll say this:


It's good to see you back, having come back to the server after you left, I just assumed you were Gone gone.  

The Adverting SC stuff isn't like how Gamma did it as he just tried to conscript people for his Org, so apologies for the comparison. At the time of the post, it REMINDED me of what he used to do.

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