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Coalition For Progress Chapter Two: Electric Boogaloo

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The Coalition for Progress are actively recruiting again, recently Management had asked us to stop recruitment due to a possible change coming through, however, recently I was permitted to begin recruitment again by a member of Management, and so, I make this post with haste. Many have noticed that the CFP has recently declined in numbers and RP. However, with a new influx of members, I am sure we will be able to build ourselves back up and thrive once again.

So, I ask, if you've ever had the thought or interest of joining the CFP, now is the time to let it be known, you can do this by either messaging me on the forums, teamspeak or ingame to organise an interview, or you can fill out a google form if that's more your speed. It can be found here - https://forms.gle/LaTmV9dL5yMCSmaEA - APPLY HERE

I am currently looking for senior members and someone to fill a Command position, people wanting to find RP for themselves and give it to others, this is a good time to prove yourself to the Server and to work side-by-side in an extremely RP heavy Regiment.

Don't feel afraid to DM me, even just curiosities about the Regiment, I will happily clear up any concerns or queries and assist you in deciding if the CFP is right for you or not.
If you would like to do some reading, the CFP's handbook can be read here which has been updated as recently as an hour ago, if you do not feel like reading through such an extensive document, below is a summary of the CFP and her sub-divisions.

The Coalition for Progress
Considered the Public Relations department for the Empire, the Coalition for Progress is most active in sowing discontent and fear amongst bordering systems, before incorporating them into the Empire “willingly”, and restoring order through the distribution of more accurate information, and removal of “hostiles”. The Coalition also handles the monitoring and editing of the Imperial news and HoloNet, in efforts to paint the Empire in a positive light, rather than letting unrest grow.

The Coalition is headed by the Chair, currently Minister Pitina Mar-Mas Voor, who had greatly expanded the organisation since its founding. Since this time, the Coalition greatly controls almost every form of information that is publicly available, and actively works to remove the sources that don’t follow the same ideals. While primarily a non-military organisation, the Coalition has, on occasion, shown to be willing to use force in efforts to maintain security, or if they believe the situation has grown beyond repair. This, while sometimes leading to protests, is quickly swept away, with shifting focuses of galactic media, which usually has a member  present to influence what newscasters say.

The Ministry of Information
The Ministry of Information is one of the many Galactic Empire ministries. The head of the bureau notably oversaw the HoloNet News agency, ensuring that its stories are in line with government messaging. It falls under the jurisdiction of the Coalition for Progress, a division of the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order. It also manages the Imperial Press Corps and its courier droids. Members who choose to go down the path of the Ministry of Information will be tasked with the creation and dissemination of HoloNet broadcasts, as well as the authoring of articles and othermaterials that convey the message of loyalty and obedience that is promoted throughout the Empire.
It is expected that members of the Ministry of Information will regularly submit works, to ensure a constant flow of material to be used. As previously mentioned, members will also rely on outside commissions for work, as well as their own internal submissions. A successful member will actively seek out work for completion, rather than wait for something to be submitted for work.
A case of excellent journalism is the frequent broadcast scripts found in the Coalition for Progress’ databanks, which recount the events of the latest military operation in a positive light, or in the case of defeat, showing the brutality of the enemy to further drive support for the Imperial presence.

The Ministry of Art & Culture
The Ministry of Art & Culture are a series of groups that are part of the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order's Coalition for Progress. Each sector within the Galactic Empire has their own Art Group, which assessed the suitability of art forms within its jurisdiction. The Art group is considered the most despised group within the Coalition for Progress as they apply the same rigid criteria of the New Order to art forms as different as sand-casting on Tatooine, Cadomai transnovels, Besn participlays, and holosculptures from Ediorung.
Most species who have developed the art forms over the course of millennia are of the opinion that the Art group has no right to pass judgment on their works. The Ministry will deliver scathing reviews of some works, attaching holopanels close by that will constantly replay the review. The text is written in an intense red, leading to the holopanels being nicknamed "scarlets." The term "drawing a scarlet" refers to the process of attaining such a review and works receiving such a review guaranteed critical success on many planets. Members who choose to go down the path of the Ministry of Art will be tasked with the creation and dissemination of reviews, as well as the construction of posters and other materials that convey the message of loyalty and obedience that is promoted throughout the Empire.

The Ministry of Science & Innovation
While not being currently utilised by the CFP, if the CFP is to grow once again, the Ministry of Science & Innovation will be re-opened.
The Ministry of Science & Innovation is a series of groups that were part of the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order's Coalition for Progress. Originally a separate entity under COMPNOR, Science ended up under the Coalition for Progress after a reshuffle. Science groups report on the scientific activity within their assigned sectors, and actively encourage and coordinate research and development with an eye towards enhancing scientific endeavours in support of the New Order.
Much of the Ministry of Science & Innovation's personnel are themselves scientists of good conscience who have resisted efforts by COMPNOR to concentrate on products with military applications. The Imperial Security Bureau watches the Ministry of Science & Innovation closely, but reprisals for scientists who refused to work on research for military projects is rare. 
Members who choose to go down the path of the Ministry of Science & Innovation will be tasked with the creation and dissemination of scientific research, as well as the implementation and analysis of experiments, and construction of prototype designs. It is important to stress the nature of this work be focused towards improving civilian technologies to further incorporate border territories.

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