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Docking in the Tie Bays (DUPE)

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After many nights of trying to get Staff to spawn in an old dupe I had made on other servers so that I could update, multiparent and then advance duplicate it for use on IG, I finally decided to just recreate it from scratch.

I made this particularly for Event Masters to use back in the day, for when we had events on an ISD that involved pulling a ship into the moonpool via the tractor beam and-or if a ship had docked with the ISD by itself. Now I pass it on to the IG team to use.

It comes complete with it's own docking tunnel, bridge, common room, engine room and even a small central hub area. I've limited the decals to be as minimal as possible for prop limit concerns, so feel free to mess around with the interior/materials however you see fit. The dupe requires the Tie Bays to be open, however I've covered all of them with the appropriate props for immersion purposes, as you'll see in the screenshots below. You'll find this on the public server, under Greyback's Dupes. Make sure you paste it at Original Position & Angles, with No Constraints. Hopefully some of you will be able to make some use out of this. :)











Original credit also goes to an old friend of mine, @Marv, as he assisted in the first design of this dupe on former servers. Consider this the CR90-Inspired Tiebays Dupe Mk.II, old friend. :P

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1 hour ago, Jye said:

Was that during your stint on EG?

I have never been in Inquisitors on IG, so use common sense.
Also: I wouldn't call 150+ days a stint lol.

Edited by Eren
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