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[SPOILERS] TCW Episode 9: Old Friends Not Forgotten

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We're back, two in one week baby, this is a discussion thread for the new Clone Wars episode of Season 7, titled "Old Friends Not Forgotten" and it seriously makes sense with the plot of the episode! Obviously everything said in this thread must be said in spoiler tags to prevent spoilers for people who want to watch the episode and happen to be browsing the forums.

My overall summary of this episode is that it was fucking fire, the best episode this season by far, so many little details and the entire episode was just done so fucking perfectly, I loved it, this is going to set up such a good ending to The Clone Wars, below are the notes I wrote for the episode, beware, there's a lot and they're pretty blunt because I was hyped as fuck the entire episode. Hopefully you've all got some cool stuff to say about the episode as well! The main thing I have is COMMANDER REX BOYS, WE FUCKIN MADE IT.

General Notes as I watched the Episode :)

  • Also, while I'm here, the last episode of the Clone Wars is airing Monday May 4th instead of the Friday that week, for obvious reasons.
  • THE COUNCIL HOLOGRAM AND THEN MY BOY KANAN JARRUS / CALEB DOOM STANDING THERE. This episode is so fucking hype and I'm 2 minutes in.
  • Oi nah, right at the beginning, do ya'll notice how Plo Koon's and Aayla Secura's scenes are both directly reflecting on their Order 66 executions? Cos I can see it. Plo in his fighter much like ROTS and Aayla Secura with the boys behind her on Felucia.
  • The Clones look absolutely fucking beautiful in this episode, I don't know what it is, but the 212th are looking so absolutely fresh, the shadows are perfect, the colouring is perfect, the wear, oh my god.
  • Interesting to see that the Jedi can cut through missiles without blowing them up! Kenobi to the rescue!
  • We can see Anakin's cockiness coming out on this bridge, he knows he's more powerful than Kenobi, he knows he's almost invincible, and he's overconfident about it, but he is so powerful that his confidence and cockiness actually are backed up.
  • Interesting that R2D2 has magnetic legs, also the Rex line "Hang in there a little longer" and the 501st are just like "This cunt, shut up." in their heads, they're so fucking done with him.
  • THE 501ST USING JETPACKS? FIRST TIME EVER SEEN BOYS. That's fuckin mad, they also share the same design as the Jet Troopers from Battlefront 2! Perhaps the Jet Troopers from BF2 are a division of the 501st?
  • The 212th jumping back in with boosted morale because of Anakin and the 501st really felt nice, a brotherly love.
  • ANAKIN KNEW ABOUT FULCRUM? HOW DID THEY NOT REALISE THAT AHSOKA WAS FULCRUM IN REBELS? Damn, Ahsoka was a real cocky bitch, I guess she thought Anakin was dead and if he was still alive he'd recognise Fulcrum.
  • Anakin and Ahsoka meeting again was nice, Anakin being totally surprised and Ahsoka being calm and collected.
  • We get to see more of the interior of a Venator, especially the Main Hangar, interesting to see no ray shields on the actual hangar doors, rather rayshields on the roof this time. This may be because of an updated design of the Venator, or even because its not in battle, and in battle its easier to make the hangars ray shielded, rather than make the top of the ship rayshielded incase its destroyed.
  • Anakin's sadness because he's unable to catch up with Ahsoka is actually heart breaking, my poor guy just wants to vibe and talk and she's being all serious now.
  • "What's one more?" is an absolutely killer line from Bo-Katan, she needs the help. Then she GOES THE FUCK IN ON KENOBI "Maul killed my Sister, I thought she meant something to you!" I actually had to pause and step away for a moment, that's brutal for Obi-Wan. AND THEN HE STILL STICKS TO HIS JEDI BELIEFS.
  • The Clones saluting Ahsoka is heart wrenching too, holy fuck. Saluting to her because they respect her and still see her as someone who threw everything on the line for them. "Loyalty means everything to the Clones." and THEN THE 332ND HELMETS AHHHHHHH MY FUCKING GOD. This episode is everything I've needed from this fucking season, its brilliant and I'm not even half way through.
  • Rex and Ahsoka's relationship is so nice. "You don't have to call me Commander anymore." "Sure thing, Commander."
  • We might see Shaak Ti's death in lore now. "Shaak Ti has been sent to protect the Chancellor." meaning she may have died protecting Palpatine.
  • Ahsoka getting her lightsabers back actually had me tearing up a tiny bit, with the blue crystals because his crystals are blue and he wouldn't have been able to get them to be green.
  • PRESUMABLY AHSOKA AND ANAKIN'S LAST MEETING BEFORE THEIR FIGHT IN REBELS. "Anakin, good luck." it directly fucking mirrors their fight, their heads are in the same position, she's looking up at him, then the line "I won't leave you again." is referencing this, not her leaving the order, she leaves Anakin to go help Mandalore!
  • The boys are already calling Rex Commander, that's hype as fuck, they don't even accidentally call him Captain, they know he's the CO now and they're giving him that respect.
  • They fuckin teased us, I thought that was Sabine from the back, but its just an older lady with a similar hair style.
  • I absolutely love the contrast in red and blue of the 501st and Bo-Katan's people, and then the red of Maul and Gar Saxon's people, it continues even into Rebels!
  • The Jetpack and LAAT battlefield is fucking brilliant, all of them using the jetpacks and the LAAT's to combat each other is something we haven't seen and I absolutely love it. Ahsoka kicking ass the entire time is great too, coupled with the Jedi theme really sent chills up my spine. Then Ahsoka doesn't even continue to fight, she sees a trooper in need of help and goes to get him, once again cementing the idea that the Clones really respect her and see her as someone to respect. "Thanks Commander." as she cuts him out of the cockpit is just a nice touch.
  • AHSOKA WITH THE SUPERHERO LANDING AND HER STANCE WITH THE SABERS IS ICONIC. I'm going to need some art or something of that for my phone background / desktop background, flames behind her, stanced up, then Bo-Katan and friends show up, including Rex!
  • I also like that we don't see Clones actually beating Mandalorians one-on-one in this episode (so far at least) because most of the Mandos have used jetpacks and are versed in this style of combat, whereas the 332nd/501st are new to it, but are still winning due to the presence of a Jedi and their overwhelming numbers in comparison.
  • Captain Vaughn is a new character, but I do love his helmet with the sunvisor and the whole Ahsoka pattern going down the sides, he is a very uniquely done character, hopefully he survives the Clone Wars at least, I think he's cool.
  • Bo-Katan's personal energy shield was pretty cool, able to block bolts and flamethrowers, it makes sense due to the nature of the combat that they face, it also gave me some Roman shield vibes.
  • It makes sense that this was all a setup so Maul could kill Kenobi, either through drawing him out with Anakin or trapping him with the Mandalorians. I am still devastated that all of those 332nd boys got killed, especially CT-0292 "Vaughn", we only knew him for like 5 minutes and me typing "I hope he survives the Clone Wars" straight up jynxed the poor bloke, but he had such a cool design and obviously respected Ahsoka as his Commander.
  • Maul's appearance was obvious but still very well done, the first noise we hear is the metal on metal of his feet hitting the ground, then the outline of his horns and then his face with the line of "I wanted Kenobi." being obvious, since this was all designed to bring Kenobi out so he could kill him.


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This whole episode is perfect. Every single frame, reference, story beat and word of dialogue. Perfection.



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1 minute ago, SCHEFF said:
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This whole episode is perfect. Every single frame, reference, story beat and word of dialogue. Perfection.




Actually factual, the shadows and shit, perfect.


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Good Opening and a great display of how good of a general Anakin was, his tactics surely always worked. whats good about this is it shows how deep the relation ship between anakin and Obiwan went. 
The battle scene was good aswell, i also liked how it opens up for the different scenearios where the other jedi were during order 66. 
The whole Mandolorians going to the republic for aid is nice and cool, shows that not everyone is a badass. 
Ashoka and anakin, you can just feel the emotion from the start. 
Obi wan saying "I already killed maul once" sent shivers down my spine, what a paradox 
halfway in^

The mandos and Clones working together is perfect and i need more of it. 

Ahoska and Rex cracking jokes was good 

The whole pilot saying "thanks Commander!" Then Ejecting in his chair was funny as

Also rex got commander :O 

maul having the same yellow teeth as always

also just put 80% of what bailey said that i didn't here

9/10 episode 



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Honestly the past few episodes had me worried about how the rest of the season was going to go but from the moment I saw that red clone wars logo I was like, yep its back baby.


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Vaughn dying got me sad :( he was such a cool clone for the minute of screentime he got 
IDK I love the clones whenever one dies its always sad because there so epic :(
There probably gonna kill off Jesse aswell :( fuark :( 

Kenobi saving Cody was epic
the new Grievous look is legit the hottest thing I've ever seen

its going to be an epic final arc and It's gonna be so sad to see it end but it'll be nice for the clonewars to have an ending :)

amazing episode I'd honestly give it a 10/10, I feel like this whole arc is going to be a masterpiece.


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I honestly felt like I was watching a straight up movie, with the whole opening sequence and the badassery of how the scenes all played out in such a cinematic/visual style... This supercedes the previous arc tenfold and perhaps even The Bad Batch arc, though we'll have to see what the other ones have in store.

The one thing I absolutely love about Season 7 so far is how cinematic they've made it. Even though the later seasons in the CW took a dark turn, they still felt a little cartoony and 'casual'. But now we know that, after everything, the end is very near. The Battle of Coruscant, Order 66 on the horizon... I feel like it just makes you really cherish all of these final moments, as it really is the grand finale we all know and love/hate.

There's not really much else to explore for the show. We've seen Ahsoka's character development throughout the entire series, the humanity and distinct personalities given to the Clones, more interaction between Anakin and Obi-Wan, and even more depth into how and why Anakin became who he did. Now there's nothing left to develop. Everything's all there, ready to be put into place. Maul, Mandalore, Ahsoka, and the Clones. Now it's just a matter of time.

No matter the ending of this show, I will never be able to get enough of Dave Filoni's vision into the Star Wars universe. But I think I can positively say, however, that everything will end as it should.


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