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The Navy takes on the Ewoks.


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Had a game night with the Naval gang aswell as Chimp [Technically Navy right?]
@Chimp - Tarkin - NAVY!!!!!
@|Stryker| - Gallius - NAVY
@JDark47- Asher Aarseth - NAVY
@Fredrick - Fred - ENG
@Tempest - J. Mortarion - NAVY
@Twist - Twist - CS
and at one point @Naptune - Naptune - ENG

Enjoy the final minutes of our final ewok hunt game, probably the funnest one of the night


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1 hour ago, Chimp said:

That Pilot needs to be demoted!!

Rigged game


1 hour ago, JDark47 said:

The pilot that was responsible for chimps deaths on multiple occasions better be getting demoted.

I’m sorry guys, Had to go on a maccas run before picking you all up.

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