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Boys and Girls, I think it's about time, I finally come out of my hidey hole. I’ve missed each and everyone of you very very much and due to unfortunate personal events I wasn't able to play for quite some time. I had to go outside and do real world things. It was traumatic and I'll never do such a thing again. I am happy to say I'm now finally BACK! Now let's make more fantastic memories and terrible jokes and have a good time like we once did. I'm looking forward to seeing all the lads again and meeting some newer faces. Much love to you all and I’ll see you in TS and In game. All praise the Pan YEAHHHHH!!!!



- Your Friend Happy 1619065529_SteamHappy.png.c84cf9c9e165ceb92ce23255a237599b.png

/me Tips fedora

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It's been a long while Mister Bacon Rake.

Fuck man, for real you were like a brother to me on Clone Wars, and Bailey was our abusive uncle.

Hope to see you around the server when I hop on, we have a lot of catching up to do.

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