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Hello IG Community

We are proud to present our next expansion: 

Watch the video before revealing the surprise


LEGO Clone wars!
A new role-playing experience with an exciting twist! We will revisit the clone wars era with the classic IG role-playing formula but this time around we will be using LEGO models. With these high definition models we will have the following regiments on launch:

Shock Troopers
187th Legion
212th Attack Battalion
104th Wolfpack
41st Elite Corps
21st Nova Corps
501st Legion
442nd Siege Battalion
Medical Battalion
Clone Pilots
Advanced Recon Force


We will be launch Imperial Gaming: Lego Clone Wars 30/04/2020 12pm AEST

Thanks to all of the hard work Management and the Development team have put in over the months and we look forward to see you on the 30th!
Big shout out to @PULSE for doing our trailer for us!


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