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Nerf Dio


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Seeing some good discussion here, so may as well put my input in. Long post warning.


The Loadout

This seems to be the thing most people are bringing up, so let's have a look at that first.

10 hours ago, Phobia said:

BaseLoad out

  • B2 wrist blaster does 20dmg and has a 8 sec reload time
  • Cloak,Thermals,Bacter injector, Stun E11 and Binoculars
  • With a base Hp of about 150-250
  • Can't hear Dio's footsteps
  • Can't tell when crouched 
  • Area access

If what Phobia has stated is accurate, it becomes obvious that DIO is meant to be a support role for Inferno Squad. Not only does it make the character lore-accurate, but it also allows INF to be self-efficient without the need of another regiment's medic or support. Each part of this inventory also suggests this. The Bacta Injector is obviously meant for healing INF members, tazer allows DIO to assist in arrests, low DPS on it's singular weapon choice, etc. That would also explain why DIO was allowed cloak despite not having footsteps.

Long story short, DIO is meant to be a support role that tries to avoid combat in order to provide healing and utility to Inferno Squad. The base loadout reflects that and, albeit a bit strong in the right hands, isn't necessarily overpowerd by itself.


The Problem

So if the loadout isn't the problem, what is? Well, another thing that many people are bringing up are the player's use of the role. In this case, Phobia.

11 hours ago, Butcher said:

The role is constantly abused in events (specifically tonight) where Dio tends to cloak and run in head first into Event Characters, decimating them with their SE-14C and is pretty much immortal.


11 hours ago, Eren said:

Back when I was DIO I remember wiping out entire waves of Event Characters by myself due to the extremely small hitbox and hard to track models movement.


8 hours ago, Vadrian said:

Strongly disagree. The role mainly supposed to be used as support, not be a front line fighte. It makes no sense for a small droid to be able to wield large weapons and play the role of a front line fighter. Somewhat restrict the weapons, it doesn't make sense for Dio to have them anyway.


6 hours ago, Echo said:

(He destroyed 4 regiments the last time when I saw him in a sim)


We've already established that DIO is meant to be a support for Inferno Squad, yet many claim that his combat ability is too strong. Even it's current player, Phobia, agrees with this.

10 hours ago, Phobia said:

Dio isn't OP its only Op it someone that is okay at pvp,

What I've only seen brought up once, however, is the fact that DIO is acting as a frontline fighter instead of the intended support/utility role that his loadout was based around. The healing ability is used on himself rather than the other INF members, the cloaking that's meant to allow DIO to hide from hostiles is now used to engage them, etc. That's not to say that Phobia doesn't heal anyone, because he does, but rather that the main focus of the support items have turned into one of self-sustaining instead of teamplay.

This is worsened by the large amount of upgrade Phobia has purchased from the pointshop. The weapons and health boost are a large reason why people claim DIO to be overpowered, but unfortunately that's just how the pointshop works. What it contributes, however, is the positive reinforcement of the player's mindset. If you were to attempt Phobia's tactics with the base loadout DIO, you would not achieve the level of success he currently gains. The dramatically lowered health and DPS would make DIO and annoyance rather than a threat, and when realising this they would resume the intended support playstyle. Now when we consider the pointshop upgrades, DIO now has no reason to use the original playstyle as they are now able to combat anyone in the game with ease. There's no reliance on other INF members, no reason to stick with troopers from combat-orientated classes and regiments, etc. DIO is now capable of fully fulfilling these roles himself.


The Solution

So now that we've established that the problem is with Phobia's playstyle rather than the DIO role itself, what are the ways we can resolve this issue? In all honestly, I'm not too sure myself. I'm not a staff member nor a massive member of the community, and therefore lack the experience to suggest proper balance options. All I can do is provide my opinion on what seem to be the two most suggested fixes:


1. Restricting the pointshop upgrades to the DIO role.

I don't really agree on this one as the pointshop is a large focus for a certain section of the playerbase. People go running to the lottery every day in the hopes of one day gaining these upgrades, and to take them away after all that effort is just silly. However, I can see how it may be necessary for the overall health of the game.


2. Introduction of new rules surrounding the DIO role.

Currently we have a droid that is meant to be a passive support/utility role acting as a bloodthirsty murderbot with nothing to hold him back. I'm not sure of the current rules for DIO, but there's been a few suggestions going around of ones that could reduce the overall impact it has on the game. @Butcher has given some examples, but I reckon they should be more harsher:

  • DIO is not allowed to heal himself. Bacta doesn't even work on droids in the first place, he'll need to use a repair station or engineer like the rest of 'em.
  • DIO is not allowed to fire weapons whilst cloaked. It isn't a combat droid, the cloak should only be used for hiding from hostiles when supporting others, or for intelligence gathering on stealth missions.



This post is most likely way too long for what I've wanted to say, and I hope that it at least has some worth due to it.

Anyway, my main point is that the problem with DIO isn't due to his loadout, but rather than the player themself. People constantly claim to see DIO running into enemy lines and blasting away at everything, but that isn't what the role was made for. New rules need to be put in place to ensure DIO stays in the support/utility role it was made for, and large punishments if caught doing the opposite.

If anyone finds that I've contradicted myself somehow or just want to point out that I'm wrong in some way, feel free to quote me and continue the discussion.

TLDR: The problem isn't within DIO's loadout, but rather how players use it alongside pointshop upgrades that overwrite the original playstyle.

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Nerf is needed.


Dio. Is a pain in the ass as a EC to kill. This is in no way the Player's fault. The main problem... is the Hit box, cloak and healing. 

You shoot him. He hides... he heals... he then comes back and its a ass to hit him.

Limit point shop? No thats stupid. Thats their to reward people on playtime and luck. That idea is dumb. He earned them. He gets to use them.

The main problems with Dio are only his hit box and HP. Now of course increasing hit box? Thats dumb... hes small.

HP however. Should be nerfed. He is a fly. In BF2 at no point is he a combat unit. He hides.


Big +1 on a nerf to HP.

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Since my last one somehow vanished 


For all of you who are "concerned", I have heard your constructive criticism and i will be Enforcing a more support RP Focus on RP I teach DIO as the DIO Rp Teacher Del Meeko. @Phobia (current DIO) will be a support tool to Inferno's Rp, if he is seen charging head first into battle without an inferno member, contact myself and i'll reply and depending on the situation, tell DIO off. 

Keep in mind if you are caught on the other End of hacking/slicing/scanning/Droid rp against myself no mercy will be shown 



I make DIO do more Inferno Support Role Rp  

and if you want to complain about it contact me


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Okay I just want to point out, what DIO uses is a bacta injector... I don't think Bacta Injectors work on droids. (Kinda like the fact that we don't use the droid recharge stations to heal ourselves).


Edit: I say this as I see DIO as a support, DIO functions better then some smaller regiments as a whole currently, thinks like Bacta should be used on members of inferno / others, not itself.

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The thing about removing DIO point shop and quest point stuff because its fail RP sort of defeats the purpose of the point shop and quest point of being able to add stuff to your load out even if it dose not make sense, you would also have to remove point shop guns from donated droids such as mouse droids and R line droids for the same reason. also making it so that Dios not allowed to attack people would make him really really boring since he cant talk to. So the changes I would make to him would be

1. He cant heal him self at all

2. not allowed to shoot anything while cloaked

3. drop his HP by 50-75 points


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honestly i find it a lil funny watching a droid with a rocket launcher killing EC what idont enjoy tho is hearing for 10 minutes afterwards is i hate dio over and over again and it's not aimed towards phobia or anything phobia is genuinely good at pvp its the self healing that quite alot of my EC have  problem with i understand you cant out heal a gun but a droid healing itself in the first place with bacta is very iffy and combine that with cloak and it slowly starts to become annoying for them idont know if any other EM's have seen this in there events or not all i know is i have

soyeah just no self healing from me is all i got to say


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Why restrict his RP as a nerf. It simply wont work because when DIO in RP can kill people, if he does too good a job people could blame him anyway. No it simply wont work and will be abused or mis-reported. Plus what does DIO do if there are no INF on? Does he just sit around doing nothing? If you want to nerf DIO reduce his base HP to 100-50hp, he is a small infiltrator droid, not a giant tanky one. Nerfing his HP pool will force DIO to take on a more conservative/supporting role as he will be less able to survive on his own. Hopefully this will make the person who plays DIO (currently phobia) rely more on his INF team to help him clean house in events. Forcing someone to change their play style because people get pissed of at how many people he kills due to perks that he has bought himself over many hours of gameplay is... unfair, un-fun and a great way to get someone to leave the role as it seems most of you dont have a issue with DIO but with Phobia.

I dont mean to dog pile this opinion onto the huge pile already being created but, some of these ideas are just brain dead. Restricting his pointshop weapons? His random weapons because its not lore friendly or OP? since when did troopers walk around with 7 fucking guns aye? Primary, Secondary, Speical, Roles Primary, Roles Secondary, Random weapon, (not all regiments) Role Specialist weapon. Also how is this No Self healing going to work? Its already nerfed to shit, he can't heal 10 seconds after damage? "just use the droid healing station" All of the off ship maps dont have them and only half of the rotation maps do. What is a medic going to heal him? I thought bacta didnt work on machines? Mabey the medical droid, yes lets force Phobia to constantly do quests so he can heal himself with the medical droid. Oh and then there are the cloak restrictions, personally I think its already quite nerfed, only good while walking, takes around 50% more damage when shot in cloak and EVERYONE ELSE SHOOTS IN CLOAK AS WELL often with snipers, from long distance (could be wrong about the extra damage while in cloak, never used it).

In conclusion, nerf his HP, in lore he is a machine you can litterally hold, he shouldn't have the same amount of base HP as trooper fully clad in armor, drop a brick on a trooper and it will knock them out, drop a brick on dio and you destroyed a machine.

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