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Thinking of D&D games weekly

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Hi all 

I was thinking to make a weekly D&D game, if you want to play you reply to this post. If i get 4+ players that want to play i will start a D&D night. I have Story that can last awhile, with this im making a Roll20 map so that you can make your characters and see them. Date and time will come later. 

i will add more information later.  Please as Star wars or Classic D&D  

If you have any questions you can pm me or reply to this post

New players are welcome

Thank you Alter 

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Just now, Bailey said:

Is it Star Wars DND tho? Or just normal medieval?

well i can do both its up to the people to choose. Just say if you want star wars or Medieval  

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11 hours ago, AlterKnight said:

if you are what one you are interested in

star wars or classic

Either one but i prefer star wars over

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hi all of you still keen to play send a message to me on here or when im in ts. when i get the numbers of who want to play i can start up the story and helping new plays to make a character

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