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Long Overdue...


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Hello, Firstly I would like to say yes I know I have been playing the server for a few months now but it's never too late to post an introduction.
I go by the Alias Stryker.
I have played gmod for 4 or 5 years now [yikes]
I have spent 70% of my time in that 4-5 years within regiments such as Engineers and Navy.[Bigger yikes]

Some of you may remember me back from 2017 when I was either a Deathtrooper for about 3 months then transitioning into the ISB for a few months followed by my eventual return to my one true home


[prior to joining IG i spent about 15 months within the Engineers and eventual High Command/Senior High Command of Navy on a clonewars server]

the Engineers, During my time within the engineers after a very long time [I think it was about 5-6months] I managed to work my way to the rank of I believe it was Deputy Director Of Engineering before ultimately ending my time on the server and moving on. (Lots of battleroyales and over games aswell as some Gmod mixxed in)

Recently I decided to return predominately due to the fact that @Guskywalker my former Director of Deathtroopers, ISB and also Head of Adv Weapons division when I was an engineer informed me he would be coming back to GMOD, We joined up and he got into Phase Zero and I decided to join Medics.. after a couple week as a medic Phase Zero held some tryouts which I was lucky enough to pass and I became a Phase Zero trooper! 
about a month into this however Phase Zero acting as a small regiment/unit was disbanded and Gusky became the CO of CompForce and I followed suit as his 2IC of the regiment.
Not too long after the regiment had taken off and been running smoothly and happily being able to leave my position of 2IC to my successor Stark I decided it was time for me to be back where i belonged and decided to sign up for the Engineers which is were you can find me today as a Chief Engineer currently stationed onboard the ISD Chimaera.

I have always loved building in Gmod and that has always been why I have been driven to join engineers but I also have a pretty good understanding and overall love of Starwars so having the RP that coincides with Engineers/Navy has also been great fun.

I hope to see you guys around ingame and don't forget you can always say Hi!
Oh and I made those cool panels you see around the ship.

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2 hours ago, Bailey said:

Thought this was a resignation and I was gonna flame you.

I guess welcome back lol, though you've been here for a while.

same cliché line as always bailey 


hey stryker you probably know me already 

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2 hours ago, Eren said:

Remember you from EG 1.0


2 hours ago, Bailey said:

Watch yourself,

Check yourself


3 hours ago, Wombatiacus said:




2 hours ago, Wombatiacus said:

What you gonna do

What are you going to do


Aye its my mang man engineer

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