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Post Shock? Post Shock!

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Hello, everyone, I hope that despite recent events that you had a wonderful weekend because I sure did.

As this is a role-playing community at its core, I would imagine that some of you have either heard of LARP (Live-Action Role-Playing) and have been interested in it, or have some sort of preconceived notion on what it is. Whereas some of you may have never heard of it, or have no clue exactly what it is. Many communities handle it differently, some go full realism where they re-enact a war, whereas some go completely fantasy and it is basically real-life Dungeons and Dragons. However, the one I went to is what I would like to call a ‘Survival Game’ variant.

A Post-Apocalyptic themed Live-Action Role-Play survival game; Post Shock. The community is quite big, boasting 80 to 100 players at games weekends (which usually occur every three months) and hosted in the South Brisbane area, however, there are members of the community that range all the way up Northside Brisbane to all the way down to the Coolangatta border of Queensland and New South Wales. The lore of the world is quite extensive as the community has been up and running since 2016 and has grown quite well since.

If you are at all interested with any questions about the community or perhaps intrigued to join one of their guilds as I am in the midst of creating one; Please feel free to contact me via the forums, or Discord (Lars#3246).

Thank you for reading, and bellow in the spoiler are some pictures of characters in their kit.








( @Cecil said that this is fine as long as I take things into direct messages afterwards )

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