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Personnel File - J. Naptune


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Master Sergeant 62-SKS Jarkarta Naptune - Personnel File: 94384

Medical history - N/A

Criminal Background - N/A

Birthplace - Coruscant - Sub level - 1331

Family Background - Mother: Gladis Naptune {DECEASED} - Father: Markus Naptune {DECEASED}

Background - Born on Coruscant on level 1331 of the underground, 15 years before the fall of the Republic. Naptune was brought up in a rough environment. Being around scum a lot of the time, he had to learn to defend himself from the dangers. Naptune owned his first blaster when he was 11, and became very proficient with it. When he reached 15, his father was killed in a mugging gone wrong, this lead to his mother eventually killing them self. This broke young Naptune's heart. This was at the time when the Republic fell and the foundations of the Galactic Empire were built. He pushed himself to train with his blaster skills so that one day, he may join the Imperial Army so that he could prevent what happened to his parents from happening to anyone else.

4 years later, Naptune enlisted into the Imperial Army as a 6th Army Trooper. He was a 6th army trooper for many years, until one day, the commander of the 374th Reinforced Infantry saw his potential as a marksmen, so they took him in. After a while, the commander sent Naptune on a mission, when Naptune returned, he was in no condition to fight any longer. Naptune couldn't just leave the Imperial Ranks because of injuries! So he joined the ranks of the Imperial Navy. He remained there for a few years until his injuries healed. Once his injuries healed, Naptune enlisted into the ISC, quickly proving himself to be a great pilot, he conquered the skies with his faithful squadron, Nashtah. After he went missing after a battle against rebels, he was found by a squad of CompForce, an elite task force for COMPNOR. At first they were going to leave him, but they realised that it was Naptune, the pilot thought to be killed, so they took him in. After reviewing Naptune's records, they thought that he could be a valuable asset to them, so he was recruited into CompForce. 

For a while, Naptune remained MIA in the eyes of Nashtah, but he was still alive and well, fighting in the ranks of CompForce. After a while, Naptune gained a good knowledge of medical procedures and etiquette, so he left CompForce under close watch and joined the Medical Troopers. According to medical records, he saved hundreds of lives alone. After being sent on a lengthy mission, he came back to the Chimaera in good shape, he managed to keep his entire squad alive. After this, the elite 62nd Shock Division saw Naptune's record and immediately asked him to join, Naptune accepted. As of right now, Master Sergeant 62-SKS Naptune remains in shock, slowly but surely rising up the ranks, keeping the Chimaera safe with his personal choice of weapons, 2 of his exact same first blasters, the SE-14c's. 


(Thanks for reading to here if you did, this is something I decided to do because I was bored, this is probably crap but it was fun to create. Also, sorry for any dumb story added in here that doesnt make any sense, this was created at 1am)

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9 minutes ago, Neptune said:

Shii, didn’t know, I just made it up

Reminds me of the time I named a Age of Empires III city Glasgow without knowing it was a city in Scotland. Young me was stupid (or secretly smart :ph34r:)

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