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Yet another goodbye - Bandages

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I guess this is it. My time on the server has been getting thinner and thinner but today that will stop. Some of you may recognise me and miss me and some of you may not.

I have always loved my time on Imperal Gaming and every single player on apart of it. But nothing lasts forever as they say. I have had my fair share of time on the server, I have had my ups and my downs, My laughs and my arguments, but now is the time I leave. My days have been getting busier and busier with work, CIT and school.

Now time to thank the people who have made IG unforgetable.
I am very sorry if I forgot you.


@Tinky - Thank you for always being there, we've had plenty of ups and a fuck ton of downs but every experience with up has been an unforgetable one. Thanks for giving me the last smile I'll have on IG.

@Loki - Thank you for being so sweet and kind not only to myself but to everyone. You were an amazing commander of MT and were amazing to my friend that I got on IG. 

@Redzilla - Thank you for the amazing Medic Nights and the plenty of times in game as well. I will always be scared of you and your reeducations.

@Bluey - You were always a great person and an amazing bounty hunter. I loved every moment with you.

I know there are more but I can't think straight.


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