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Cannot join server at all


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I honestly dont know what the hell is going on with either my computer, garrysmod or just the server, because whenever I TRY to join IG i never can without failing to connet at leat 5 times. (This takes usually 30 minutes of trail and error) and sometimes it doesnt even let me load in so I ultimately just give up. Its either one of these as to why I cant connect and I got no clue why this happens:

1. When downloading it takes a weirdly long time for a model to download which shouldnt take as long is it does, therefore I time out.

2. Sometimes it just crashes or I just dont connect to the server and it just takes me back to server lists.

3. When I get in it takes at least 5 minutes of loading for me to FINALLY MOVE, IF IM LUCKY. Most recently its been doing the reconnecting in blah blah amount of time in red text in the top right corner of the game.

I also have to point out, IG is the ONLY SERVER which for 3 years has been the hardest for myself to connect to and play on. I literally dont understand what the hell this server has on it that my computer doesnt like but whenever I finally get on IG, my whole computer shits itself and slows down and cannot compute at all and it drives me crazy. I have been able to deal with it for 3 years but recently its been way too much than usual.


Im going to lose my mind. Thanks

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1. How fast/slow is your internet. It doesn't necessarily mean your downloading it could also be mounting.

2. That happens from time to time but if you time out you need to rejoin and that will fix it

3. Depending on how busy the server is plus how fast your computer is it can take 5-15 minutes to fully catch up. Just be patient.

You can also add -nopreload to your Garry's mod launch parameters in steam which will make you load in much faster but you will lag for maybe the first 30 minutes as you load assets in as you need it ( I can't stress this enough run around the whole map and load everything, there will be lag but once you load everything it will be smooth I personally opt in for this method)

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