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The Reason Why - Kippy

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Born 35BBY Kippy the name my parents gave me, the name I would be known by for the rest of my life, a name that would be known to bring peace and prosperity. I was born on  a planet  known as Byss, it was a planet known to have a dark backstory my parents tried to keep me away from it. My mother's name was Fri, and my father was Kilo. They raised me on the planet it was mainly uninhabited for the most part, they tried to keep me away from the other side of the planet. When I was 8 years of age I managed to move something with my mind. My parents saw this and knew I had something in me known as the force. They had told me about the Jedi and the abilities they possess. They also told me how my powers were just like them, and that one I would hope to join them.



One day a man approached me and asked if I was Kippy, it was strange seeing someone else on this part of the planet. He was wearing light robes and had a thing on his belt, I didn’t know at the time but that was a lightsaber. He told me about the force and the Jedi order, he must have known I was force sensitive because he asked my parents later that day if he could take me and let him train me. I overheard their conversation and the next thing I knew my bags were packed and I was with this strange man. He took me back to a strange planet known by the name of Coruscant, I was told I would be trained to learn the ways of the Jedi. I was young when I began my training, for many years I was trained and taken under a Jedi masters guidance, a Padawan is what they called me. Through my journeys with my master I was taught Form II a Strong defense Form. While being competent with a lightsaber I had followed my master into many wars, but every war I followed I only saw death, because the order I had been dragged into, only saw chaos. Through my first battle I thought this was a one off and that this doesn’t happen every time, Innocents died as I watched a peaceful world collapse in on itself all because of a war, but the peace I sort to maintain was being undermined by the very order I served. but by the third battle I saw families being torn apart, mothers being killed. I saw unnecessary risks that caused death for no reason, it was then that I realized they did the same thing to me. They had dragged me away from my mother to be trained to tear other innocent families apart, I had enough of an order that only caused chaos, so I returned to Byss to be with my family once more.




I lived there for a week until I heard news that the Jedi had tried to assassinate the chancellor. A new empire had been formed under the chancellor's command and he had declared himself Emperor, he made all Jedi enemies to this new order.  After a while I felt a draw to the side of the planet I was not allowed to go, It has been a feeling ever since I returned. I was forbidden never to go there but I had no choice when the buzzing in my ear became deafening, it felt as if a thousand sharp needles were attacking the nerves at the back of my skull. When I went to investigate I found an old building, I felt a dark aura emanating from this building. When I entered, I found a hilt but nothing like I had seen before but when I ignited it, it shone with a crimson hue. it felt strange and next to it was a triangle object, I didn’t know what I had come across until I suddenly I had to hide as someone else entered. He came with troops but I felt an immense amount of dark energy around him in particular, I felt fear quite quickly and ran behind a crevice in a wall. He was tall and was wearing dark armour, he was breathing strangely, and walked quite slow almost as if he had been injured or didn’t know how to walk.




 When he entered he walked up to the strange triangle object and took it, he said he had found a "Holocron", but when he walked back he stopped and ignited his saber, it was crimson red like the other one. He had spotted me... I had come out of hiding and he spoke “I sense you know the force young one”, he had told me this was a ancient temple, and I wasn't supposed to be here. His troops surrounded me and pointed their weapons at me, I felt like all hope was gone. When he stood in front of me the next thing I knew was it went all dark and I.. well can't remember. But when I awoke I was strapped into a chair and that dark figure was in the room with me. I didn’t know where I was, but he asked me,"are you a Jedi?", “No not anymore, I was a mere Padawan when I saw the chaos the Jedi followed.” He told me I could become better, more powerful than the Jedi that I didn’t have to be like them, I didn’t have to see innocents die for no reason, that I could be taught a better way. I was eager to change my ways of the Jedi, I wanted to save The innocents and he gave me the option to join him or die. 


I accepted, the man in the dark armour would soon be known as Lord Vader, and I am now a Imperial Marauder.



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15 hours ago, Bailey said:

I thought this was gonna be a resignation for a moment, got hella excited no cap.

Bailey bro, you can't say that

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On 3/7/2020 at 1:19 PM, Kippy said:
On 3/7/2020 at 1:19 PM, Kippy said:

 as i am Second Sister now i think is the time to release it 


I Can't edit the Original Post but this was from last time


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