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I'm sorry sir it's time for you to leave...


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I watched you grow from a private in ST, to a soldier in the 996th... Then I watched you become a major general and work your way to Grand General, I am so proud... I really am

If you ever, ever, come back... The server will welcome you with open arms, and I will still chat with you on TS of course :)

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I could draw this out with so many stories of our good times together, both on the server and not. But we will have other times to reminisce. For now Hammer, thank you, for being my Grand General and my friend. You chose me of all other people you could have chosen as your second General of IHC, and I can't thank you enough. I'll see you around on other games mate ( Let's UA more), stay in touch.. O7

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Never saw eye-to-eye during my 440 days in ISB.

Only really saw eye-to-eye once when you were a Major General and promoted me from 212th Sergeant to Staff Sergeant.

There have, however, been quite a lot of fun RP situations that had happened in the past with you.

Regardless though, there's no denying that you've given a considerably large amount of contribution towards the army as a whole, and a lot of the army have you to thank.



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