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An Explanation Deserved

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Hello Family,

I genuinely believe that you all deserve an explanation as to my attitude and behavior as of late, now I will not in the slightest state that this is an excuse or even exempts me from criticism of how I was but I do hope that this at the very least explains why I became the sort of person that I am. Going from someone who genuinely views everyone here as a family, to someone who pushed everyone away in the name of 'role-play' as an emotionless member of CompForce. There is a level of humanity that needs to be kept, and during a very emotional time, I dropped it to cope with my own personal deeds - Which I am willing to explain now that I have conquered the hardest part of it.

Not all of you know this, but one big reason why I dipped in activity a little back was because I had become homeless for a small while and it took me a bit to get into a housing situation, setup with Centerlink and all that entertaining things that come with it. Since then I have tried my best to find odd jobs here and there, working casually whilst also juggling university on the side. Recently I had heavily considered stepping away permanently from Imperial Gaming because I was treating friends terribly, as well as being a pain on the server when I truly didn't need to - All because of anxieties and depression, my university canceled my courses which had forced me to go into TAFE QLD which has added more money onto my weekly budgeting and with that I had to choose between education, food, and rent, which made me drift into the server to escape reality.

It had gotten to the point where I had homelessness looming over me and I simply couldn't stand it anymore, and I will admit that if it weren't for my loving partner that I would of slumped back into old habits that had took years to work out of. Luckily for me, my head listened to her and I swallowed my pride to speak about it with family members - Of whom has graciously decided to assist me, to how much degree is not going to be disclosed but I will say that I am no longer in a dark place and am no longer too worried about becoming homeless.

The point of this thread I guess is two-fold, an explanation upon my recent ways, and a genuine apology to those that I have caused ill-will to. I will not tag anyone, but those of you whom I have had conflicts with recently know who I mean and that it is directed towards them.

I am sorry, and do genuinely plan to be better.


P.S. If anyone is going through any terrible situations, I do not care to what degree, my inbox is open and so is my discord (𝕷𝖆𝖗𝖘#8168)
If you cannot get yourself to talk to family or friends, I am here for you.



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