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Farewell Imperial Gaming.

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I thought it'd never come to this but, I've thought long and hard recently.

A lot of events have happened to my recently in real life which has caused me to become very isolated from the community.

Recently my brother sustained a traumatic injury which was self inflicted, for the past few weeks he's been in the hospital and now a mental ward to assess his capabilities in returning to society.

It's been hard and depressing for me lately to even find time or the enjoyment to come online and talk to people about it. 

Unfortunately I'll be departing from the community due to these factors I had hoped it that it would've been under less depressing circumstances.

Personally I'd like to thank everyone in the community as a whole for the fun times and banter, it's been a wild ride and unfortunately this is my stop.

I'd like to thank a few people before I depart from the community as a whole.


@Kristofer My Pantheon Brother, whilst I was still an owner of my own community you introduced me to this one.

@Rivers You'll have to carry on the Director Kevin jokes now, Thanks for being my 7th Padawan back on clonewars.

@Luigi Probably the best Candidate I could have had for Obi Wan, second to Kosmos, I'll miss ya man.

@wflizzi Another solid 7th Padawan, mainly for the jokes.

@Bailey Cheers for accepting me into the Event Master team, it was definitely a fun experience.

@SiegeMonkey Worst Commander on Clone Wars and worst Range Trooper Commander.


On a side note for anyone who cares. I'll still make the models I promised and upload them to the workshop. It'll just be some time before I decide to considering the current situation.


Thanks for having me 


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A solid o7for my PAC brother

 I wish you all the best dude, I don't think there's much more I could say than that. Safe travels, for both you and your brother.

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It was an honour having you on the EM team big man, Happy and now you going signals the last of my Clone Wars EMs there until the end. Thank you for all you've done for the community.

Stay safe, I'm hoping we'll see you again eventually.

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You are a bloody dog 

I was gonna post something respectful and shit but fuck not @ing me??? Grrrr 

Bye mongo 

You've always been and always will one of the hands down be people in this server

  • Respectful 
  • Kind
  • Compassionate about your work 
  • Always good for a laugh 

I've grateful for what things you have taught me throughout our many interactions 

Thanks for everything 

-Lots of Friendship, your number one Gulag guy  Delta <3

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4 hours ago, Mongo said:

@SiegeMonkey Worst Commander on Clone Wars and worst Range Trooper Commander.

at least i didn't force my troopers to shower together :feelsbirthdayman:

Nah but for real, sad to see you go. I'm sorry to hear about that stuff with your brother, that's rough. I hope to see you around again one day

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19 minutes ago, SiegeMonkey said:

at least i didn't force my troopers to shower together :feelsbirthdayman:

He lies.

In all seriousness I'm sad to see you go Mongo and hope you all the best and hope that I'll see you again :(

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Going to miss you heaps man! Maximillion will arise in your return. However, I hope you and your brother get the help your looking for and I wish you nothing but the best <3

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Mongo you are such a fucking legend bro, hope everything turns out alright for you. If you ever need any support from anyone i'm sure the community as a whole would be more than willing to help you out. You have been very kind to myself and others alike, it will definitely not be the same without you. Sad to see you go...


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Cya Mongo, I'll miss you man, had some great times on clonewars, forcing me to push a bantha and trying to watch @Happy and I as younglings with @LimeStrider


Best of luck with the future, I hope to see you return, if you ever need to talk just poke me on ts man.



where my @ tho? 

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This shit hurts man, didn't think I'd ever feel so in denial for someone to leave the community, but this.. this hurts man.

I just don't know what to say, you were one of the main reasons I enjoyed getting on each day. The banter, the late nights, the memories I thought I'd never have. I can't express what you've done for me Mongo.

I'm going to miss you man, the Community is going to miss you. Take it easy man, and look after your brother. Always around if you need someone.

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