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TI-CELPOW Applications

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Celestial Power

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What is Celestial Power?

Celestial Power is a research team within the Empire that researches ways to harness energy to provide power to worlds ravaged and impoverished by the Clone War. 

At least, that's what we want you to know. In reality, Celestial Power researches ways to harness the immense energy from kyber crystals in order to power our Empire's most powerful weapon; the Death Star. Build and research the superweapon, crush the rebellion and bring back peace and order back to the galaxy.


What do you do in Celestial Power?

In celestial power, you will be provided with a large and brand new RP avenue to further improve and increase your RP experience on the server. You will get to conduct research RP into kyber crystals and how to harness the energy from them. You will create prototypes and dioramas. You will continue the progress of the Death Star's superweapon.

You will also be able to conduct kyber crystal mining operations and cargo transports whenever necessary, and even conduct them with more... clandestine methods, with approval.

You will work directly under Director Orson Callan Krennic, the director of AWR and the project director of Celestial Power.


What are the requirements?

There are minimal requirements for Project Celestial Power. The project is simply purely roleplay. The only thing we ask from you is good RP skills and dedication towards your work, be a trustworthy individual, as well as maybe some document writing skills if you're interested in that sort of RP.


Apply Now!


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If I can head up a project in rp to make a Dyson-sphere to power the DS, I’ll join. I’ll starkiller base this shit... except it will be real.

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Bumping this. If you ever wanted a shot at CELPOW, now is your time! Apply ASAP for your chance to get in. Feel free to ask any questions in DMs about what it means or what it takes.

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Bumping again as we're accepting a few more in! Feel free to ask me if you have any questions about applying.

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