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Ladies and Gentleman, we're back!


What is Imperial Awards?

For those who haven't been around for a very long time, Imperial Awards was a monthly awards ceremony featuring unique awards every month. And, now that I've returned, It became decently popular the first time I did it, and became a topic for the community to strive towards and laugh together with, so I've decided to bring it back. 

 There are 5 categories that change every month, so everyone has an opportunity to win! By going to the nominations link, you can fill out a form of who you think should win each award. Nominations will only be open the remainder of the month, so tell your friends, and get them voting! It works best when everyone is involved

So, Nominate your winners, and we'll tally the votes at the start of next month


Nominations Link:

The following link is a google form where you can nominate people of your choice


Please read the rules at the start of the form though



Available Awards:

Descriptions are on their respective pages on the form

- The 'Most Trustworthy' Award

- The 'Gentleman' Award

- The 'Redacted' Award

- The 'Don't Touch that' Award

- The 'Crazier Than you' Award


The rules:

1. Do not nominate someone because they are a friend

2. Do not bribe people to nominate you or others on the form

3. Do not vote for yourself

4. You may only nominate someone once. If you've nominated them for one category, you cannot nominate them again for a different category

5. When listing someone, please use their in game name AND their non-RP name if they have one. For example, SCHEFF is currently playing as Moff Pim Jickle, but we all call him SCHEFF OOC. This is mainly because i've been gone for a while and there are a lot of new faces i'm yet to learn

6. Please be genuine with all your answers

7. Failure to abide by these rules can lead to your name being automatically denied in current and all future monthly awards ceremonies.

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