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Wingza - Staff Report

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The Alleged Crimes Levied on Wingza ARE severe. Hoewever, do note that the accusor has requested that no punishment take place, but if this was the case, why not just set up a meeting between all members involved as well as Management to resolve the situation, without boiling blood and stirring tides. 


Staff in the past have been demoted for less and although this looks like me justifying a demotion of Wingza, I don't think that's sound. The Crime that Bailey commited in RP would have only served a 5 minute Jail Time. As such - although the situation escalated as all Inter-Branch Conflicts do - It is, in my humble opinion, just for all parties to Apologise to each other, Bailey and Wingza get a slap on the wrist and everyone move ahead with their lives. Both Bailey and Wingza have performed several exceptional acts for Imperial Gaming and it feels wrong to sully their image.


I am trying to stay on neither side on this one. I've had little contact with the Current Shock during my recent tenure but they seem friendly enough. Likewise with Wingza - but I'd assume he got to where he was because he was competent to say the least - , I have little contact with him but I can tell from this Situation that both parties seem geniunely friendly. 


I say forgive and forget gents.

Bailey I'll take those 50 credits now

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5 hours ago, Jye said:

There have been multiple uses of ISB personnel changing their playermodels into Stormtroopers to "spy" on personnel, and I would know because I was part of ISB when it happened. That kind of thing happens alot and is explained in RP. As for the cloaking device, Shadow Guard have access to them so it's not far fetched to believe the Grand Inquisitor could have used one from their arsenal, as once again personnel have RP'd troopers handing them weapons (ISB saying that they took an E-11D from the Death Troopers armory, for example). There's alot of ways to explain the incident in RP which you seem to be overlooking.

Let's disregard the bribe, as whether the GI would or wouldn't accept a bribe isn't really for us to say unless you have concrete lore proof (just like I don't believe a Captain equal to CL3 would class an Administrative Manager equal to CL4 as a "civilian" in a derogatory manner).

The main claims here seem to be that Wingza abused his position and powers to his benefit, but as we've seen (and as has been said multiple times) there was abuse on the behalf of the shock troopers as well. The STP clip through the wall to see into the HQ was clearly an abuse on your behalf, and the seemingly random event of Misahu walking directly into the Grand Inquisitors back as soon as he exited the doorway and going "YO YO YO" and firing a taser instantaneously would indicate a clear abuse of the C menu to see cloaked individuals (however this cannot be proven) and clear fail RP as I don't think any trooper would be stepping that close to the Grand Inquisitor, let alone risking hitting him with the taser instead of their intended suspect. I mean he sliced down two Imperial Officers equivalent to Senior Colonels if you go off their pins in rebels, what do you think he'd do to a shock trooper electrocuting him by accident.


At this point there's mishaps on both sides, and I think the best thing to be done here is to drop the subject. Downvoting comments that disagree with your point of view will just lead to tensions rising between people, when the matter is simply whether you disagree or agree with the staff report. Let all involved learn a lesson from the incident and move past it before it turns into open hostilities. 

Jye sums this up pretty nicely, there are mishaps on both sides, no one is in the right here. Thinking back to similar situations (BH VS Shock & Riot) if there wasn't clear evidence on either side, the situation  tended to be dropped. This situation is no different, both sides have questionable actions and shouldn't be taken into character.

As for the staff situation. Wingza in my opinion, has not acted in any way as FailRP and has only done his duties as a higher ranking member with the keypad (See all the comments stating how keypads are literally everywhere on other maps & zaspan's comment questioning that there wasn't a way into the brig without commsing in.) 

On another topic, I feel that these types of situations happen too often on the server. Some person has wronged someone else in the past and then they act on those feelings whether or not the actual situation should call for it. I also believe that the entire court system has shown to be incredibly biased and needs to be remade or reworked in a way that actually makes sense.

I would like to reaffirm my statement that Wingza hasn't done anything in regards to FailRP. His actions seem to be a more grey area, however they can't be stated to be failrp one way or another. The keypad situation is a different monster in its own regard; on one hand, it could be argued that he knew what he was doing in terms of trying to get into the brig, and on the other it could be stated that Wingza was only doing what anyone else would do, adding a missing keypad. I personally believe that Wingza was only adding a missing keypad, I don't see that as an abuse of power, especially considering it was permapropped, reaffirming the statement that he added it only because he thought it was meant to be there. Wingza's actions in the past also show that he hasn't abused his powers in the least bit, if he had, he wouldn't be in the position he is in now. 
This report doesn't shine a good light on shock and has actually managed to change my opinion of certain individuals that I won't name, frankly I can say, I am disappointed to say the least. 


6 hours ago, Jye said:

Let's disregard the bribe, as whether the GI would or wouldn't accept a bribe isn't really for us to say unless you have concrete lore proof (just like I don't believe a Captain equal to CL3 would class an Administrative Manager equal to CL4 as a "civilian" in a derogatory manner).

^^ This is also extremely disrespectful but unrelated and I think that this needs addressing in an entirely different light. Regardless if you are military personnel or not, if someone is a higher clearance level than you, you should definitely hold them with respect and not call them "civilian" in a derogatory manner. Even if they are considered civilian branches, it is still extremely disrespectful and if I hear anyone talking like this in character they are getting AOSed. 


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As someone who has been on and off this server for a couple of years now i've seen this sort of thing happen multiple times. It generally results from boredom rather than maliciousness. Yes things could have been handled better on both sides but I also believe this could have been resolved a lot easier and with less issues if this was taken straight to management and talked about privately. I don't believe Wingza's or Bailey's actions warrant a staff report but they also still do need to be adressed.

Props to eren for the layout of the report it makes the ocd part of my brain happy (you could have won a few more brownie points if you hadnt shown yourself camera abusing though).


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I sit here and agree with Jye, both groups had their own oopsies in this report but nothing in particular is outrageous from either parties in question. The issue in my opinion is the divide between a staff member and a users abilities in rp do do an action (Breach a door with a lightsaber or stealing an item from an armoury). For example, an inquisitor breaching the door would not be weird from an RP perspective  (Using the force to destroy the door or using his lightsaber to breach it) but from an in game mechanical standpoint its almost impossible for a user to do the same thing a member of staff could do (Opening the door with the keypad, using the fusion cutter or whatever other means to open the door to facilitate that RP).  Simply put a user does not have access to such options while staff do , it makes me suggest there be a ruled added that either allows Users access to the same options by requesting it over a staff claim (Within reason) or outright ban both staff and users doing such things by accessing staff powers to do so.

The issues seem to stemming from this massive grey area, where certain things which may not be fail rp  (Breaching a door with the force or a lightsaber etc and using staff powers to facilitate the RP) are being taken as staff abuse which is definitely an understandable reaction from a users perspective as while they may have ways they could open that door in rp , they simply cant mechanically without staff intervention. Either allow it for everyone or for no one as a more clear ruling would stop reports like this in future. (Nothing against Wingza, Bailey, Eren or Misahu)

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I think both parties can acknowledge that there were consistent missteps from each side throughout the scenario and nobody was perfect.

With that in mind, the two things I would like to address is the decision to allow Bailey to have cloak and the placing of the keycard outside of the brig.  The other issues raised aren't considered staff abuse or an abuse of power and fall within a grey area that occurs frequently during RP interactions

Firstly, Bailey was given access to cloak based off the fact that he had spent a large amount of the day in and around Comp Force. Due to this, it was plausible that Bailey's character could have stolen / acquired an armour set that had stealth properties  (Comp Force has cloak in their kit). Myself and the other members of Management don't like that line of RP and if the situation occurred again, I would expect Wingza not to give permission for Bailey to spawn in cloak and he knows this. 

Wingza made the wrong decision - but a member of management makes decisions all the time and it is impossible for them to get them all correct. 

Secondly, Wingza did not "RP" breaking the door down. He did not attempt to cut it open with his lightsaber, nor did he put the keycard down to break the door or attempt to force his way into the brig. Without a doubt, Wingza placed the keycard at the wrong time and he is aware of this but on every other map there is a keycard to open the brig and Wingza thought Whitey had missed one when setting up the map. This can be evidenced by zaspan's confusion.

I'm happy with Wingza's decision to put a keycard for the brig but he shouldn't of done it when he did and was an error of judgement on his behalf which he apologies for. The keycard will be staying where it was placed moving forward as I believe the button isn't a suitable mechanism.

In light of this situation, both Bailey and Wingza have been spoken to in regards to this event and they are aware of where they went wrong and how to improve for the future but no warnings or strikes have been handed down from Management. Wingza however will be stepping down from Grand Inquisitor so he can focus on his role as Staff Manager and to avoid potentially biased decisions.

- Cecil and the rest of IG Management.

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