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Introducing... The TDM Pro League (Name Subject to change)

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Hello everybody, today I am announcing the Coalition for Progress will be running The TDM Pro League Season 1. Despite what the title and the previous sentence said it’s not actually an announcement more of a “Hey this is something I’ve been working on and CFP have said it’s good so I’m seeing how the general public feels about it”. You may have some questions such as; “What is The TDM Pro League?”, “Is this the final name” or “How will it be run?”. Lucky for you all those questions and more will be answered!


What is the TDM Pro League?

The TDM Pro League (Name Subject to change) is an idea that came about when I was thinking of projects that I could work on to incorporate all regiments in a fun and exciting way. The Pro League is like any normal sports league except it is centred around TDM matches. These matches are 4v4 first to 5 points wins, however, there are many rules and twists that make the games more exciting and strategic such as specialist classes and win streak bonuses.


How will the TDM Pro League run?

The TDM Pro League will run like most other sports leagues eg. Weekly playoffs between teams in an attempt to gain as many ladder points as they can to attempt to get into the finals. The finals are then the top let’s say 50% of all teams which then play best of three matches to knock each other out in a bracket-style tournament until a victor is decided. 


How will point shop and regiment classes affect matches?

No there will be standardised classes making sure that there are no unfair advantages. The only thing that has been bought to my attention that might affect gameplay is questline boosts such as auto-regen on HP.


What is the purpose of the TDM Pro League?

To put it simply the purpose of the TDM Pro League is to bring a friendly competitive spirit between regiments. Regiments are able to use their standings as a selling point to attempt to recruit new members to their regiments. As well as that The TDM Pro League will help troopers strive to improve in their combat prowess.


Who would be interested in the TDM Pro League?

I did a general survey on the 13th and out of the 30 people that I asked all 30 said they would be interested in something like this being implemented.


Who will get to play in the TDM Pro League?

Anyone on the server, as long as you manage to get a team of at least 5-6. I understand that there as some regiments are may not be able to reach this threshold and I am 100% willing to talk to them and see what we can do to get as many people playing as possible.


Are regiments restricted to 1 team?

Currently no, however, if there is a lot of interest in the pro league double-ups from regiments may be declined from being accepted into the League. On this note just because a team is registered that doesn’t mean that they are 100% accepted into the League it is more of an application than anything.


Are the current rules/regulations set in stone?

No, absolutely not they are completely subject to change even the name is subject to change, however, you can look to them as the current vision that I have for the League.


Will this run smoothly?

Honestly, I have no clue. I’m attempting to make it as good and smooth as I possibly can but at the moment I am the only one working on the structure and organisation of the League (Shout out to Engineers for making the maps/arenas) which is why I would love as much feedback, criticism, concerns or anything that you have to offer, as that is the only way that I am able to run something that will be as appealing to everyone as possible.

If you want to know exactly what the current fine details are for the league I have been working on a “TDM Pro League Manual” that is currently being drafted. All are welcome to read it and give their feedback on it.


Where can I sign up?

Right here!

Thanks for your time and like I said before any questions and feedback is welcome.

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3 minutes ago, Twist said:

The only thing that has been bought to my attention that might affect gameplay is questline boosts such as auto-regen on HP.

These things can be disabled by staff, on another note this seems like a good idea as most of the time on the server people want something to do and this certainly seems like a good way to drown out the boredom. 

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Sorry forgot to say these are my ideas, not the set in stone.


Rewards: COMPNOR Command issued Medal


The winners of the pro league TDM fight against each other in a FFA/1v1.


Also any team with Lime wins.


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