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Heyo IG,

So recently in my travels, I've come across a community on Arma that I've been playing a little bit of, and they offered stickers. Me being me, I spent money on them (they were only $10 AUD + postage) and it ended up being a real good deal and even though I'm not apart of the community really, the stickers are high quality.

Nonetheless, with @Wolf's permission, I've been allowed to make stickers of my own, however, with my limited imagination I've not been able to come up with many design ideas that I think people would like, so, as I always do, I come to the forums for suggestions.

Here are some that @Auzii suggested could be interesting.

Do what you do best, shoot some ideas or tell me if you'd like to see these as stickers.

Kind regards,

- Bailey

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