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It's been a long, long time...

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Greetings lads, ladettes and ladlets,

I figured I'd reintroduce myself as it has been just over two years since I spent a generous amount of time on Imperial Gaming, and after careful thought and consideration I have decided to return under a casual setting. I have purely and sorely missed the experience that Star Wars RP has given me, and I will not be forgetting a large part of it in any hurry.

With that said, and for those of you who do not already know me, I am Greyback: Former First Lieutenant Rescue Trooper in the Medical Corp from 2017 - 2018. I used to serve under Brigadier Plutonic alongside many of my fabled comrades, a lot of whom were both memes and well-respected players. Following some serious rumors, allegations and controversy that arised in February of 2018, I stuck by my medic companions as they and I fled to other servers. It was at that point that I officially left IG, but its memory never faded.

Since leaving IG I went on to pursue several careers in Navy & Jedi, adopted an AI companion for my RP, commanded several regiments, became well-involved in staff teams, and spearheaded two massive advertising campaigns for different servers (before they inevitably collapsed in on themselves). Even though the advertising side of things didn't get anywhere, I still found myself known for one major thing: the both reknown & infamous Best Of series, which is still being worked on to this day.

Which now brings me back here, to the place where it all began. I am now currently a Shock Trooper, so you can expect to see me around patrolling the halls. I look forward to reacquainting with some old friends, and meeting the newest members of IG as well as seeing what it has to offer after all these years. Feel free to come and say hi to me - don't let the tazers scare you! :D

Much love,

- Greyback <3

also, 100 content count yay!

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