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IG Logo/Wallpaper

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3 minutes ago, Dom said:

Shock? What do you reckon, I know its Fox and CG but ey I can't use photoshop to well and so I can't photoshop a Shock trooper properly :)

Further ID.png

That's actually pretty cool :)

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IMG_0298.thumb.PNG.613195b91c8ad75bd00d79ac48832e1c.PNGI was talking to Pandi and he gave me the idea of Doing the IG logo in a complete way. Edit- Rip doesn't support PNGs - about an hour later finally got the damn thing to work so I had to send the discord image to my phone and send that to my google drive and that to my phone and my phone to here.


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https://shop.spreadshirt.com.au/imperialgamingshirts/create?product=1020362797&view=1 I actually think this Logo would look really nice on this shirt I would actually consider buying it.

- IG feel free to use image I did sign a sort of sketchy contract saying anything I produce for IG is IG property.

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