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selling quest points and fleshing out the quest tree

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I got the inspiration for this pst from the comments of this other post https://imperialgamingau.invisionzone.com/topic/6261-perks-credits/ 


I believe that we should be able to purchase quest points using credits or for those who have prestige d should be able to sell their quest points for credits. This would allow people to bypass harder quests like the event character quests and give use to the useless quest points of those who have prestige d.


Another idea could be fleshing out of the quest tree. By this I mean making multiple roots in which you can go for example

 Speed: giving you a speed boost every time you progress down this line maxing out at 100% speed boost going up at 2.5% speed intervals 

Strength: giving you a dmg boost every time you progress down this line maxing out at a 100% dmg bonus. You go up 2.5% every time you progress. 

 Agility: this should give you a jump boost or climb swep boost giving you an extra climb swep jump or just increasing your jump height by 2.5% every time you progress or even a mix of both. 

Stealth: this could mean a reduction in render distance or be purely for NPCs reaction distance. 

 Health: this would be the same as the others going up by 2.5% every time until you reach 100% bonus. 

 I have tried to keep these relatively realistic and doable i know that this isn't the direction that the server is taking but i still think that there is nothing wrong with a little personalisation of a person's character. I don't however if these steps are put in place want it to be easy to achieve these goals of upgrading your character i think that it should have a level of difficulty to it making it more of a grind to get the credits to get the points while still being able to do the quests to get the points. 


Rewards hard work 

Makes use of leftover quest points/credits 

 Individualizes a person's character 

Gives a reason to hop on during non peak hours 


Could make a large learning curve for new players


Btw if you can think of any cons just comment them and I will edit and add them. It is late and I am tired :)



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Being able to purchase quest points kind of defeats the entire purpose of it in my opinion. There's not really much point in having the quests if player's who have insane amounts of credits for whatever reason can just buy the entire skill tree instantly. The point of having the quest system is to encourage people to participate in certain activities and reward them for it (at least that's how I see it)

Also, I believe Management / The Developers are working on something for credits to be used on, as has been hinted in a few forum posts in the past couple months.

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7 hours ago, Farmer said:

This would allow people to bypass harder quests

They’re hard for a reason, that’s the whole point.

The other stuff is interesting but I’ve never been a fan of hitting people with a stat stick and saying “Yep fixed.”

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