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Farewell old friend, its been a long time since the good old beginning back in 2017. I hope you drop by every so often to catch up and so I can demolish you in some games. You've been a great staff member dedicated to this community and good friend, thank you and I wish you well in year twelve.

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Fleet Admiral Wombat, Admiral Kassius Konstantine. 
Not to worry, both of your ships are in safe hands.

Going to miss you randomly popping in on the channels late nights.

Good bye Wombat, best wishes to you and good luck with Year 12.


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This is such a sad day , I remember back in the old days where I had just joined the server and was looking for a reg to join and saw 212th doing tryouts with little Colonel Wombat as 2IC and I knew this was the reg I wanted to join, we had some good memories and I wish for someday that we can relive them, hope you come back soon bud, we are going to miss you :( 

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