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Community Changelog - 2/4/2020

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Hello Imperial Gaming!


Firstly, I hope everyone has had a good start to 2020 and that this year continues to bring all of you happiness and laughter. 

This is my first changelog, go easy on me please :).


Congratulations to @zaspan and being promoted to Server Manager on Imperial RP. It's a huge achievement and certainly one that is well deserved. In this role zaspan will be responsible for all decisions regarding how the server functions and is in-charge of day-to-day operations as well as providing oversight for the Moderator and Event Master team. 

Secondly, @Wingza will be joining the Management Team as Staff Manager. As the newest member of management, he will be subject to an immense amount of bullying but we really look forward to seeing what he can bring and contribute to our community. In this role, Wingza is in charge of looking after the moderator team. Should any issue arise with a moderator or admin, Wingza is the man to go to.

Map Changes

As @Ragetank already spoke about, on Tuesday we will be heading to Rhen Var instead of the DS-01 for a large proportion of the time. This decision was made off of community feedback regarding the Death Star map. We are currently investigating and discussing further roleplay opportunities but your feedback is still very much welcomed.

The Imperial Star Destroyer that we are currently as our base map using has received an update which we will be transitioning to shortly, we just need alter a few of the Perma Props. For those who haven't seen it, the update can be viewed here


Thank you @LordTrilobite.

Community Identity and Graphics

With the recent shutdown of our SantosRP server (Thank you for all joining us on that journey) the Management Team thought changing the feel and identity of our community to better reflect what we actually value was necessary. A revised community logo is near completion and will be released shortly which I'm very excited about. Big thank you to @Auzii and @Vanilla. The loading screens for each map have also been updated. (ISD, Naboo and Rhen Var).

Lastly, the recent NLR revision will be receiving a small amendment to allow roleplay to continue to flow in a healthy and natural way. Once this has finished the drafting process, it will be further detailed in a separate post.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead.
-Cecil and the Management Team.

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18 minutes ago, Sky said:

Cecil, Community Manager - Genuinely could not be a better fit.

Looking forward to the new ISD update, any ETA on this or ready when it's ready?

Pretty sure management  will sort it out on the dev  server as there's a props  that need to be transitioned. 

and I think we'll be on titan base until the transition is complete as to not impede on the server population.


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17 hours ago, Cecil said:

Congratulations to @zaspan and being promoted to Server Manager - and is in-charge of day-to-day operations as well as providing oversight for the Moderator and Event Master team. 

oh no no no no, better be good fellas o.o


Good post Cecil, you have made me proud :D

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