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Goodbye for real?

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You probably already noticed but I've been gone for a while. I thought I'd be staying on Imperial Gaming for 2020 and great things were going to happen (for me/by me) but not so much now. Some of you know but I went to the USA for 20 days where I had the greatest time of my life and realised the fun I miss while staying inside being addicted to games. Coming back to Australia I literally just want to go outside, I'm bored of video games and when I do play some, it's not Garry's Mod. I'll probably play some or a lot of Overwatch so don't call me out <3 But anyway.......

I know I've left before and came back but I don't think it'll happen again. I've had so much fun on Imperial Gaming, well maybe lies cause I didn't like the hallway simulating while privileged TI did their 'special roleplay'. BUT ANYWAY.................. I've enjoyed being a member of the Community, talking to people and forming friendships then going on to play other games and creating banta. It's all been real real and soooooooooo fun.

Instead of the 20+ @'s........

Thankyou to everyone for everything and making my second home a nice, chill, friendly, and cozy place.

Goodbye from your Local Fashionista and Burberry Representative or/for Imperial Gaming.


I'll still be in some discords talking to people.
I'll still be helping some people with things.
I'll still hop on to say hello, hallway simulate, leave and repeat.
I'll still be Kamelieon, so don't be excited I'm gone.

Guess I opened at slot for PAC3, enjoy it. Not sure how you guys are so patient <3

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I;m gonna miss you Hon

Kinda hitting me hard ngl, you're such a good friend and Rper. 

you are if not my favourite Og player

<3 good luck Sir and best wishes from myself 

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@Kamelieon Literally the founder of Ubermolen,  bro you trained me from when i was a little st private. All I gotta say is thanks for not kicking me when I went to the US for a long holiday, glad you got to experience what I did that long time ago. GG Kamelieon, you will be missed.

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