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Aphro's Minecraft Factions Server


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@Aphrodite has recently put up a Minecraft Server that a lot of us are playing on, in doing so we've realised that a lot of us are playing, however, the server still feels somewhat empty as we're using the 1:1000 Minecraft Earth map, with many of us claiming specific Countries and fighting with each other. The server is factions based and there are a few rules that we abide by, however, rather than list them here, its easier to gauge interest and then allow people / groups to join together after being given a brief in Teamspeak.

That's all there is to it, most factions are looking for recruits, a lot of Countries haven't been claimed still and there's room for more. We're on 1.12.2 because of the map version. We've only been playing since Tuesday night, so there's room to catch up.

Normal server rules don't apply, so if someone says something edgy, don't get butt hurt please, and obviously no hacks.

Current players are @Aphrodite @Cecil @Helsing @Marlu @Mono @Rickle @Jeb @John @Jay Lamar @Braino @Shepard @Splonter @Wingza and myself.

Leave your Minecraft name below and we'll decide yes or no depending on who you are, your previous experiences with the homies playing and if we think you'll leave a positive impact.


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Please tell me whoever is Germany has attacked whoever is Poland 

also uh my name is probably SparxTheEpicGamer or some other horrendous thing, maybe it’s BiggieBurtzz I really don’t know

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1 hour ago, Kristofer said:

I am interested in this possible comment. Please enlighten me. @Cecil

You’ve never made a more agreeable comment, I also must hear this, how much we betting their taking a note from Mein Kampf

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