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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 3 PC Release

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Hello everybody, pretty sure that other than my PAC application and Introduction, this is my first post!

Diving right into the point of the post, and as the topic above states, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 3 is now officially stated for release on steam! Although having not yet concluded the second game in the series, I AM halfway through. I finished the first game nearly twice over and want to go back to it again when I can to go full completionist on it.

If this is your first time hearing of this series, here is a basic rundown from my perspective. It's an anime-style story driven semi linear JRPG based in the fictional world of the Erebonian Empire. You play as Rean, a student attending a military academy. During the course of the game and it's many adventures and plot twists, you fight alongside his new classmates and soon to be friends, instructors, and the occasional mysterious character here and there. There are conspiracies everywhere and the threat of war in the Erebonian Empire is ever present

If I'm being completely honest, this is one of if not the MOST fun JRPG series I have EVER played, and that is even taking Final Fantasy into account! If you love yourself an awesome story driven JRPG with reasonably unique game mechanics and a fairly pleasing combat system, I would HIGHLY recommend giving this series a go. The entire Trails of Cold Steel series is actually a direct sequel to Trails in the Sky, but it is NOT necessary to play Trails in the Sky in order to understand Trails of Cold Steel. But if you do choose to play this series, do not look at spoilers, and play the games from start to finish IN ORDER. Doing otherwise WILL ruin the fun of the story, and will also confuse the hell out of you.


Quick personal breakdown for the following, taking the entire series (or what I have played of it thus far) into account

Art Design: 7/10 - Very anime, but very fitting for its' genre. Doesn't shy away from background landscapes, allowing you to enjoy nice views here and there.

Sound Design: 9/10 - Some of the best music I would say you can find in JRPG's. The music evokes emotion just as much as it emphasizes what is happening onscreen during your story. Other sounds such as ambiance, combat audio, and open world audio reinforce the fictional empire your characters live in, clearly demonstrating the differences between their world and ours. The only downside is that SOME of the English voice lines sound overdelivered, but that is forgivable for how few and far between those noticeable lines are.

Story and Plot: 8/10 - The story has kept me consistently engaged 90% of the time, the other 10% is spent doing the optional side quests for completionist rewards.

Game Mechanics: 8/10 - There is a friendship system in the game that rewards you with items, secret interactions, lore and character development the better friends you become with your classmates throughout your adventures. The combat system is battle-order based (similar to Final Fantasy X), with both physical and magical combat aspects throughout the game. Stats are highly dependent on character level and equipped "Quartz" on each character, as well as accessories. Side quests are fairly abundant, with several available in stages throughout each of the many chapters in each game.

Replay Value: 7/10 - As observed by the first game, the games do have decent replay value. There are bonuses and items you can only get on subsequent playthroughs, accessed via a "New Game+" feature, with similar difficulty scaling to dark souls, with each subsequent playthrough becoming more difficult until a certain threshold.

Game/Series Continuity: 8/10 - The games do not take a break from one another, being immediate and direct sequels.. Short time skips happen here and there, as could be expected. Each game allows you to retrieve your save file from your previous installment in the series, and this provides bonus items and other goodies that I won't mention.


In closing, I can't recommend this series enough. It would be very interesting to hear of others' stories, adventures and thoughts as they begin, continue, or conclude their stories in the Trails of Cold Steel universe.





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