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Ban Appeal Balrog


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Steam Details

Steam Name: Balrog

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:51819759

Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198063905246/

In Game Details

In Game Name: Balrog

In Game Rank: Private

In Game Regiment: Clone Trooper

Ban Details

How long was the ban for: Permanent

Which staff member banned you: Don't know who the first person was to ban me.

What date did the ban occur: Initial Ban: 2017 (I don't know exactly when) / Ban for ALT: 14/01/2020 @ 21:31:20

What was the reason for the ban: 1st Ban was for Staff Disrespect / Other bans for ALT

Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned:

I can't remember the specific details of why I was banned initially but I think I called a staff member something rude.

Bans after that were for trying to bypass the ban through alt accounts. 

Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance:

My initial ban was for staff disrespect and I think it was in 2017.

Whatever I said I'm sure I didn't mean it but I understand that it offended the staff and I'm sorry.

It happened a while ago so I don't know what I specifically said but I'm still sorry.

I know it was silly to use alt accounts but I really wanted to get back because its such a good server.

I remember having a lot of fun and spending hours upon hours on it.

Honestly, all the other star wars servers do not even come close to how good it is.

Anyway, this ban appeal probably isn't gonna go through but just for the record that staff disrespect thing happened in 2017 I think and since then I have matured (I think) quite a lot - so if you let me back on the server it won't happen again.





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I guess I'll be the first one to give my input on this ban appeal. You seem quite sincere and apologetic about everything you have done which was Staff Disrespect, although you can't remember what you said since it was almost 3 years ago, you would have had to have said something really bad to have been permanently banned. I could be wrong, knowing that the Staff back in 2017 were extremely harsh when it came to decision making and handing out punishments.  I'm going to assume it wasn't that bad and leave you with a +1 since your application is decently detailed, sincere, apologetic and since the ban was in 2017 which would have given you a lot of growing time to mature past your old self when you got banned. Good luck.

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Read over this a few times before posting, gave myself time to think it through. The initial ban was a very long time ago, and you've probably had more than enough time to rethink and re-evaluate your actions that lead to the permanent ban, hence the attempt at joining again. +1. Like Wombat said your application seems sincere and it's easy to keep a watch over you for a month or so if unbanned.

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It's been a good, hard thought out time away if you've appealed 3 years later. Obviously you can't remember much about the ban, but it's no real surprise due to the initial ban date. I believe you should be given a shot back in the community.

Good Luck!

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Since the ban is so old, I believe you have had enough time to learn your lesson and change your attitude so your appeal will be accepted but on a 3 month probation if warned in these 3 months you will be perma banned again.

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