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Holonet Broadcast Incoming!

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Welcome back to another broadcast of the Galactic Holonet News, provided by the Holonet News Network powered by the glorious Galactic Empire!
This is a special broadcast to the Ministry of Information because our parent organisation the Coalition for Progress is recruiting!

Are you loyal to the Empire? Do you want to do more and be better, are you excited to make a real difference where its needed? The Coalition for Progress needs intelligent and hard-working members to assist in the progression of the Empire and the planets that are fortunate enough to fly the Imperial flag.

Go to your nearest Coalition for Progress Headquarters to book in and have an interview conducted for you. For the first time ever, it is no longer mandatory to fill out an application for the Coalition for Progress, you are able to be verbally interviewed by a member of the Coalition for Progress! If you don't have a CFP HQ or COMPNOR HQ nearby you're welcome to submit an online application and we will be in contact within 2 - 3 working rotations.

The Coalition pays well and lets you make a difference for those Imperial citizens that really need it due to the failings of the Republic and the war brought on by the Separatists. Aliens need not apply, we have a far more enjoyable job for you in the Outer-Rim.

Thank you for listening, we hope you consider joining if you meet the criteria set out above.

Glory to the Empire, praise by to the Emperor.


(OOC: The CFP are now recruiting, we have two slots, you don't need to fill out an application anymore, you can actually just ask for an interview and do a verbal based application, since it seems people aren't enjoying writing applications, this is a bit of an RP thread since the part above is in RP.

For those who want to fill out an app, here's the link. https://forms.gle/LaTmV9dL5yMCSmaEA

I also want to share the video below, since its a video I got made for the Server (the voiceover at least), the music and visuals are just so people can look at it and not get bored sh*tless.



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