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Snowbone's Ban Appeal

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Steam Details

Steam Name: snowbone

Steam ID: Steam_0:1:74247877

Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198108761483/

In Game Details

In Game Name: N/A

In Game Rank: N/A

In Game Regiment: N/A


Ban Details


How long was the ban for: Perm

Which staff member banned you: Kuh Moe

What date did the ban occur:10/06/19

What was the reason for the ban: "Troll" ? 

Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: I'm not sure what happened 

Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance:

Well I truly for the life of me don't remember what happened which caused me to get banned. From my memory, I had joined a regiment, were frequently active, and then had IRL stuff going on so I stopped playing the server. I don't believe I did anything to hurt the server, people or anyone, as I'm a fairly serious Roleplayer and it's not exactly in my nature to troll on a server that I enjoying playing on. 

I'd love to come to do some starwars rp like I used to a while ago and grow in the community.

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Considering your name was "Shaniqua McBigGaper" when I banned you, something tells me theres more to this story, I also believe this ban occured on the Santos server, not the imperial.

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Ah well that would make more sense xD


I'm presuming I've come on and been a F***wit as you do when you're bored


Feels a bit weird saying I'm "more mature" now as that comparing me to something I don't even remember - but in saying that I don't have the intentions of coming back to be a minge or troll - genuienely want to do some imperial navy rp :P 


EDIT: Actually I believe this may have been when I was staffing on a rival Santos Rp server (GGS) and as part of our staff meeting we hoped on and all trolled your server - only thing I can think of.

Completely dissociated with GGS now after having a disagreement with the server owner over a video I uploaded of him not saying such nice things (in my opinion)


I definitely appreciate an unban as I want to come RP. Please give me a chance :)

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You will be placed on strict probation for 1-2 months at managements discretion and based on your behaviour, 1 serious warn and the ban will be reinstated.

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