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Bibleman: Rise of Galvatron PT 1

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Rise of Galvatron Part 1: 


Chapter 1:1 

As the rain poured around Bibleman, he slowly drove to the high security holding facility kindly named " The Maw". The facility is quite the distant from any neighboring  towns for security purposes so it will take Bibleman a few hours to reach it, as he drives through the small streets that stretch out throughout the fields around the town of "Big Shaq" he wonders what is install for him ahead once he finally gets debrief on the entire situation. After a long night of travelling he finally is close and sees the flashing lights of the facility's high walls from a distance and slowly continues his drive to the " The Maw". Bibleman arrives at the facility and is immediately greeted by a small group of prision guards as he enters the entrance hall. The guards and Bibleman discuss the plan and how Bibleman will talk to two current inmates. High officer @Jeria greets Bibleman in the entrance to one of the prison interrogation rooms. " We have them both prepared in the next open room up ahead" he says to Bibleman as they walk down the endless halls of the prison, "Good, I must speak with them alone once the guards have brought them both in" he replies". High Officer Jeria and Bibleman enter the room and Jeria signals his guards to bring them both in. In chains  and barring scars and high intensity burn marks, @Dirthi walks into the room surrounded by guards with electrostaffs, followed by Stitches, not barring the same injuries but still bares the marks of her encounter with Bibleman. The guards push them both down into chairs and unstrap them. "Leave us" Bibleman says, "Yes Sir" replies Jeria and the rest of the guards walk out but as they leave on brings in a old case which bible man takes and places on a table. 

"What brings you here Bibleman.... you wish to batter us again...." says dirthi with a scuffled voice. "What does bring you here, many nights we had to think of what you did to us.. many nights" states stitches. "I need your help" replies Bibleman.. "As you know we were all crusaders in the war... everything we our order fought could be destroy... Intelligence  believes that there might still be a Thetacon threat, there arent many crusaders left, even ones that gave up their vows at the end of the war.. Galvatron could be out there..." Bibleman said to them, a eerie silence filed the room as Dirthi and Stitches looked at each other. " I think you forgot something.... Bibleman!... you are a deserter.. We! are deserters any crusader that survived are deserters, we,you.. I have always thought we are winners but no.. we are survivors Bibleman" Dirthi said as Stitches quickly replies with " I dont think you have any experience with fighting Galvatron.. You! were not there when he attacked the monastery, I saw him open my instructor up like a Christmas gift as he slaughtered the monks and monastery guards and as he burnt it down!" said stitches. "You both will receive a free pardon, the colonial court as said, this is a one time offer, you wont get another one... Look I know we have had our troubles in the past and your experiences in the war were different to mine but lets not let the sacrifices our friends made in the war go to vein" Bibleman said to them both. "Here I got something you both might remember.. old crusader sabers salvaged from a old supply depo on the outer colonies" Bibleman says as he walks over and gives them both their sabers back.  Biblemans says to them " Please come.. for everyone we lost, this will proberly only be a clean up of a downed ship and mabye a few Thetacon drones still alive" Bibleman states, Stitches and Dirthi both talk for a few minutes but both in the end accept Biblemans offer. "Where to now?" says Dirthi and Stitches. "We must take a chopper up out east to a old crusader beacon, we will be escorted by a small group of guards lead by Officer @Jeria" he says as they walk out to the helipad. 





Chapter 2:1  

Image result for crashed alien ship in snow drawing      (Galvatrons Crashed Control ship in the snow) 

Deep inside Galvatron crashed control ship a battered and badly mutilated  9ft tall Thetacon Commander named "Cyclonus" walks through the water filled filled and destroyed hallways of the downed Capitol ship. The metal clanking of the feet echoed throughout the halls as small sparks of electricity burst out of his exposed and damaged robotic body, outside the cold winds of the northen mountains fly past exposed parts of the ship, making eerie screams as they pass bay. Cyclonus walks into a room with a large metal table where the body of the 12ft Thetacon commander lays, Galvatrons robotic Armour is almost damage free except for his chest, Galvatrons chest is opened up with a large outward explosion mark which more than likely took him down. Cyclonus starts attaching and welding different parts onto Galvatron, he has done this process with him for nearly 3 years, everyday searching the remains of his once proud command ship for any parts he could turn into anything he can use to bring his commander back. Cyclonus attaches to large wires to both of his Galvatrons shoulders after placing the final part onto his corpse, Cyclonus touches a switch and the table holding Galvatron rotates up on a 75 degree angle. " Lord Galvatron" Cyclonus says in a deep serpentine voice " I bid you return" he flicks a switch and a large power surge explodes throughout the halls of the ship and it gets funneled through the wires attached to Galvatron, powerful beams of bright blue electricity are transported into Galvatron as the room is filled with blue light. "Commence Energy infusion" Cyclonus says with his serpentine voice.  Powerful surges of electricity are beamed into Galvatrons body and massive sparks of energy can be heard throughout the ship.  "Arrghh!" Galvatron screams as he body suddenly comes to life. Galvatron rips off the wires and stands up and screams ,"I am Galvatron!". 


" I live to serve you Galvatron...  your control ship crashed into this ice sheet in the final days of the war, I have resurrected you" Cyclonus says. "How long have we been trapped in the ice for... and how many operational Thetacons do we have?" Galvatrons says to him. "We have only a few dozen survivors, we have been waiting for your return. I decided to ignore basic protocol of extermination and subjugation to try and resurrect you".  Galvatron picks a loose pillar of metal and swings around and slams in into Cyclonus's face, "Even in death there is no command but mine!" Galvatron says as he kicks him across the hallway, "  my lord it was a tactical decision" Cyclonus replies as he pleads with Galvatron. " I will let  this slide since you haven't failed me before Cyclonus but if it happens again you will be deleted" Galvatron says as him and Cyclonus walked to the ruins of the observation deck.  At  in the middle of the control deck in the observation deck, is the captains chair. "Wass the situation captain" Galvatron says and the chair turns around to reveal the ships captain, his legs and right arm missing but his remians are attached into the ships mainframe, Cyclonus did the this as a last ditch effort life support system to keep the Captain alive. " Our shipsss engines are completely destroyed, the main reactor has suffered damage beyond repair and multiple other systems are down. Lord Galvatron we currently only have 2 dozen operation Thetacon units ready for immediate deployment " The captain says in a similar serpentine voice to Cyclonus." Galvatron walks over to the broken window of the observation deck " Prepare Protocol 878" Galvatron says. "It ssshal be done my lord" the captain says as his chair turns around." Galvatron turns to Cyclonus." I will travel alone to a crashed beacon, I will collect it a will return here" Galvatron says as his feet transform into small rocket propellers and he flies off, taking off from the observation deck" 




Chapter 3:1 

As Bibleman, Dirthi,Stiches and Jeria walk into the helipad two armed men are waiting there  at the door to the helicopter. Operative Coleman and Operative Konstantine. "This is operative Coleman and Konstantine, they are government representatives making sure we conduct this investigation legally" Jeria says, "As long as they dont put us in danger its fine" Bibleman says as we board the ship. "Where are we heading Bibleman" says Dirthi, Bibleman replies with " Where heading to an old crusader signalling station on the island of Suramar, this is where we will be able to signal any remaining crusaders, see when we all reach 13 in the monastery they implanted a chip within us, so if they ever needed to signal/track us they would get our attention or location immediately,.Ironically it was this same signal that the Thetacons used to hunt down Crusaders that got separated from the main force in battle"  Bibleman says. Many hours of travel pass but the island of Suramar slowly appears on the horizon. The helicopter lands on a small open field next to the old crusader. All six of them get out of the helicopter and walk up the small path towards the signalling station, the station itself was small, a small metal shed which housed the equipment and a large 30 meter beacon which stood to the right of it. Bibleman walks up to the control panel, "Recognize one of your knights", he pulls the lever. All of a sudden a large beam shoots up from the tip of the beacon and into the sky which a messaged being blasted across the sky. "Calling all Crusaders" on constant repeat. "Now we wait" says Dirthi. 

Two days past before the signalling station's power goes out and the message is stopped being blasted across the sky."How many more days do we have to wait" says Jeria, "We will only wait two more days before leaving on our own" replies Bibleman. Many many more hours past but at sunset, Dirthi notices something "Bibleman look". Over the sunset an old crusader drop ship and appears over  the horizon. "THERE HERE.. finally " screams Jeria. The dropship lands and  Seyn  Marana,  Iden Versio, Del Meeko,  Kyle Parks,  Marcus Dramon, Henry Dogeman, Tank and Jaller Obrim all come out of the dropship. "We got the message.. we came as soon as we came" says Del Meeko. "Thank you for coming, I'm sending you all a quick debrief of whats going on. Galvatron could be still alive. We have to investigate" Bibleman says to them all. " Quickly we dont have much time" says Bibleman to them as they all board the main drop ship.   



Chapter 4:1 

Galvatron lands upon the frozen ice sheet and walks over to a small crashed transport ship, the ship scattered across the frozen plain. Galvatron is searching throughout the wreckage but as hes searching he hears a humming noise which grows slowly louder and louder. Galvatron looks up and sees the crusader drop ship flying across the sky towards him as they too picked up on the signal of a crashed beacon. In the ship a eerie silence creeps over the people in the crew as whispers over everyone es they all see on the scanners a large robotic figure which matched the profile of Galvatron. The drop ship lands about 100 meters from Galvatron and the sides doors open, allowing the people inside to jump out and stand infront of the ship. Galvatron turns and stand directly in front of them, from a distance of around 100 meters. Galvatron begins walking towards them and stop 20 meters in front of them. " You are all foolish... The trouble with a loyalty to a cause, is that the cause  will always betray you.. not to mention a dead and useless cause" Galvatron says to them all as he turns around to walk away from them, ignoring them like as if they were children. "Galvatron... in the name of  the colonial security forces., you are under arrest.. my lord" Bibleman says and Galvatron stops and turns to face them. "Did you forget who I am.... I am Galvatron!" as he screams he ignites two double bladed sabers in both hands and leaps towards them. All of crusaders ignite their yellow sabers except for Dirthi who has a purple one.  In the first few seconds Galvatron kicks Bibleman into a pile of wreckage which falls onto him knocking him out. and Galvatrons laugh echo's across the frozen field. Galvatron once again leaps into the group of crusaders and his right arm transforms into a small cannon which he uses to blast a massive hole in Seyn Marina chest killing her instantly, in quick secession galavtron throws his saber out of his left hand and grabs stitches by the foot and swings her around, smashes her body into the frozen ground, the force of the impact breaks her spinal cord killing her on the impact. "This is my fight and your all going to die..."  Galvatron says to them. In the next minute Kyle Parks, Marcus Dramon and Henry dogeman are all quickly killed by Galvatron's swift strikes. With rage flowing through him, Del Meeko jumps up onto Galvatrons back and stabs his saber into his chest, "You want a piece of me Galvatron!!. you want a piece!!" he screams, Galvatron reaches back and grabs him by the torso, "No I want two!" Galvatron screams as he grabs him by the waits and tears him into two pieces.  This only leaves Iden,Tank,Jaller and Dirthi left. Jaller now desperate to survive trys to get Galvatrons knees, but gets easily cut down by Galvatrons blades. Galvatron reactivates one of his sabers and charges towards tank and knocks him to the ground, he places his robotic claw feet over his chest and looks to Dirthi and Iden and laughs. Dirthi and Iden as then forced into a one sided battle with Galvatron, then Galvatron stabs Iden in the chest with his saber killing her and proceeds to use her body as a melee weapon against Dirthi. Dirthi now exhausted now realise whats going to happen. Galvatron lunges and Dirthi begins his battle with Galvatron. Dirthi put up a fight fore about a minute, even making Galvatron worry for a short time but eventually he is killed by Galvatron. Dirthi last words where " f**k you" as Galvatron throws his body into a small hole. Galvatron then looks over to the dropship which still holds Jeria,Coleman, Konstantine and transforms his left arm into a Rocket Launcher and fires 3 high explosive missiles at the drop ship causing it to explode killing everyone inside. After the battle Galvatron proceeds to stand on top of the old crashed spaceship and raises both arms in front of im. "Do not wait any longer my brothers... today I grant you your freedom, RISE!! and attack Thetacons, crush anyone that appose you" Galvatron says as he swings both of his arms into the air and electricity shoots out across the frozen field, out of the ground thousands of Thetacons  erupt from the soil and circle around Galvatron. " I have returned and now you are commanded by me!" Galvatron says and he points his finger south in direction of the colonies. Thousands of Thetacons transforms into flying craft and swarm the skies heading for the defenses towns and cities. 



To be continued. 

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19 hours ago, Bibleman said:

@Delta what do you think of del meeko's death 

i just read the rest of it because i was on my phone at first


thank you for the Death Bibleman, Del meeko Is happy to Serve for a Good Cause



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