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Government Essentials?

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Government Essentials is brand new hit album coming to a store near you this Summer! Covering all the greatest hits from the 70's through to 10's adapted to suit Regional Government as well as a few originals. Rumor has it that the main cast consists of @Ragnar, @Butcher232, @Wind and @Stathi with possible guest appearances from @Chimp and @SCHEFF. The album is expected to drop by late January of 2020, however no concrete release date has been set.


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25 minutes ago, Jeb said:

That's toxic @John, Me and Aphro are legendary ex-CoS. Emerald and Brass are.... banned? lmao

l e g e n d a r y

btw if you and aphro are down I'll try an get one for the ex-CoS's to sing haha

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