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ISB Plunders Innocent Civilian Ship

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Because @SiegeMonkey forgot to post it on the forums.

We rocked up to a docked one-man ship and rolled it for its loot.

The crew of the ship being: 

Captain Patrick "Siege" Coleman of the Booty Isles.

First Lieutenant Fatt "Kristofer" Blackbeard of Plunderer's Plight.

Ensign Luigi "Luigi" Orange of Cannon Cove.

Head Chef Drawn "Kyle" Track of the kitchen.

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4 minutes ago, Jeria said:


4v4 Sea of thieves battle

3 minutes ago, Hideyoshi said:

Nah man; They're too scared

3 minutes ago, 1975Lee said:


Yeah they wont take it.

Of course they are


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