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Bibleman Comic: Rise of Galvatron-Prelude

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Sike!!!! you guys thought I forgot about it but I didnt, the prelude is a bit short since Ive been really busy but I have planned out the whole comic from start to finish to expect regular updates and sorry for any spelling mistakes 






Chapter 1:1 

The continent of HyperBorea was once a peaceful and intelligent empire which had colonies stretched throughout the world but then came the war... between strange extraterrestrial  half organic/half robotic lifeforms who called themselves the "Thetacons" , led by the 11 foot tall robotic general named Galvatron, the Thetacons fought for oppression and dreamt of tyranny and between the crusaders of the Palatini  Order who fought for freedom. Over Matched and outnumbered the Crusaders and the small citizen militias couldn't stand a chance against the onslaught of the Thetacons. The defeat of the crusaders was all but certain.. but in the wars final days, crusader grandmaster  Majorianus and around two dozen of hand picked swordsmen from his personal  Herculians guard boarded Galvatrons control ship, a desperate mission which ended up causing a chain of reactions which destroyed the Thetacons but also doomed our continents fate.  


Modern Day

Chapter 1:2 

It was the end of summer in the town of Big Shaq, as usual the town was drenched in rainfall and streets were flooded as normal. Bibleman walks into the police Hq and meets up with Officer JimBob and Kye Sausage but someone strange was also standing in the meeting hall with them, a large man with a large scare across his right hand and a burnt left temple. This man was high general Anthony Hardwood of the Security forces of colonies. " Hello Bibleman", the high general says " We have some grave news...". Officer JimBob and Kye sausage both have looks of horror of their face as they turn to Bibleman. "What is the matter general" Bibleman replies. "We... We have founds the crash location of Galvatrons... Galvatrons flagship, the "Conte di Cavour" but after scanning it with Ariel drones we have discovered something..." The General says " The drones.. have detected activity.  We need you to assemble any remaining Crusaders that might still be alive to investigate, we dont care if they are criminals or civilians now" The General exclaims. Bibleman stands their silent as he processes what the general says. "He cant be alive... he cant... you dont know what your messing with here, a few sqaud of ex-crusaders would stand no chance against him.. even if he was somehow alive." Bibleman says with a tone voice to the General. "You crusaders defeated him you can certainly do it again" the general says as he smirks. " I saw him slaughter crusaders as if they were nothing, he gutted my master... he killed my entire squad with ease. He personally killed all five Battle masters... no one has survived any fight with him.. the Grand master didnt even survive!... I had to run to escape his wrath,all the crusaders that survived the war are deserters. I was a deserter..."Bibleman says and he looks down at the ground. " They didn't call him the executor for no reason." Bibleman says to the general. "You have your orders.... If you dont know we have two ex-crusaders in custody, one in intensive care at the mega Jail.... You must convince @Dirthi to rejoin the cause even though you left him severely injured, also you must get Stitches from the same jail but since you fractured her skull against concrete she might be a bit stubburn to help. We also have the locations of other ex-crusaders, Seyn  Marana,  Iden Versio, Del Meeko,  Kyle Parks,  Marcus Dramon, Henry Dogeman, Tank and Jaller Obrim. We are also gathering information on other crusaders that could still be alive but first you must go to Dirthi and tell him whats happened." 



(Sorry for the wait and that its so short, Ive been really busy and haven't had enough time to do write) 

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