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IG 2020 Predictions

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Another year of not leaving Government and probably turning down the promotion to Grand Moff many times ;) Gonna continue being a PAC God and will gladly help others with their PACs (or make PACs for people when they don't know anything about it *cough* @Corvo *cough*)

I need to seriously get a life. I've had thoughts of leaving, as you do when you feel a bit down about life, but I know I've still got plenty of memories to make here and time to spend with friends, and that's worth staying.

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8 hours ago, Rad_Cop said:

Hopefully not, otherwise I'll have to kill the pretenders.

Got to log on to do that.

for legal reason this is funny joke and not serious concern

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5 hours ago, Angus said:

I predict @Kristofer will crash the server even more this year!

That's actually why we didn't let him on during the awards, we banned him for 12 hours so the server wouldn't crash.

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