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Ulysses Backstory

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Birth Name: Ulysses Faye


Designation: Regional Government


Preferred Name: Ulysses


Race: Human


Age: 22


Rank: Administrative Assistant


Early Life:

Ulysses Faye, 22, was born into a upper class family, raised by his mother Emily Faye (Hex) he was taught strict morals and discipline by his mother and father at a young age. His mother (Hex) was in the Regional Government and had been high up in the ranks. His mother, Emily, was quiet and kept to herself, but since her childhood was traumatic, she had lost her sense of humour and her caring side. His father was an agent in ISB (Judas) and the two had met as Hex had been assigned to him. They both shared the same ideals, plans and motivations. They moved in together and Ulysses was born. Things had started going south though, Judas was lacking in his work due to having to care for his newborn, Hex, lacking a caring side had abandoned her duties as a mother and had left all of the parenting on Judas. Hex, having only reproduced because it felt necessary, did not share the same love for the child as Judas. It had become apparent that this child was holding back Judas's duties, and as a strong and powerful member in the Empire, Emily tried to have the baby taken away to join the Storm Trooper Academy early. Judas hated this Idea and refused to have the baby sent off so early, he tried to hide the child as often as possible. Hex had enough, she spoke to Judas's superior, it had become apparent that Judas needed to be re-educated. The apartment they lived in was stormed by Death Troopers, the child was seized and Judas was arrested and sent off for re-education. 

Hex, being satisfied that she had fulfilled her duties to the Empire, continued her duties in the Regional Government. Judas was released from his Re-education. He was full of anger and hate towards Hex, he spent weeks tracking her down and finally boarded the Star Destroyer she was stationed on. When she greeted his group in the main hanger, he shot her with his pistol near point blank, killing her instantly. He was immediately tazered and arrested for Murder. He was sent to a prison facility to work as a prisoner on a mining planet.

When Ulysses was old enough, he started training in the Imperial Storm Trooper Academy. He exceeded expectations at a young aged and went on to win praises from his mentors and teachers. He finished his training at the top and received high distinctions. He went on to be drafted into the Imperial Storm Trooper Army. While stationed he joined the Imperial Shadow Troopers, an elite covert reconnaissance regiment. He made his way up to Master Sergeant. When he turned 21 he started doing some digging into his family and learned everything. Distressed with this information requested to be sent off to do his work externally. He requested to be sent off to the mining planet his father was possibly on. When he arrived he interviewed some people and learned that his father had escaped and joined the resistance and was living in Coruscant. With this Information, Ulysses flew to Coruscant and tracked down his father. He spoke no words and with his active camouflage he assassinated his father in the middle of the night while he slept. Shamed by his family name, he realised he did not have the strength to kill. So he took his mothers place and joined the Regional Government. 


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