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End of the Year | Happy Holidays

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Hello Imperial Gaming,

Its this time of the year again, last year I didn't make this post because I wasn't such an ingrained member of the community that could make a post like this, as well as I wasn't particularly sure about the rules and stipulations of such a post like this, but, after being with the community for as long as I have, I've decided to make a post in regards to the end of the year, as well as a small reflection on the community.

Firstly, thank all of you for being with the community this year, its been another extremely successful year, even if Clone Wars and Santos didn't do too well, hopefully Santos can come back out swinging. Its been a great year with the community and I'm looking forward to many more coming up.

Secondly, due to the incoming public holidays on the 25th and 26th of December, staff members aren't expected to be on the Server, however, there will be some that still decide to hop on the Server and staff, so throughout that day make sure to thank them for the time they're putting in for you, and we thank you for hopping on the Server during the holidays as well as supporting us all year round.

Many people celebrate different holidays this time of year, so I'd like to quickly name a lot of them for those of you who don't celebrate Christmas. Firstly, Happy Hannukah if you're Jewish. Happy Kwanzaa if you're celebrating African culture. As well as, obviously, Merry Christmas if you're apart of the majority who celebrate Christmas within December. It is a joyful time for all and coming into the New Year I hope you're all going to experience a safe and happy holidays in the coming week.

Lastly, and on a more negative note (sorry to end on one) around this time of the year, many people start taking on new responsibilities, such as beginning a new year of school (many of you will begin your last year of school) and/or going to University, getting a job, etc. and we may lose a few members of the community either for a period of time or permanently because of this, and that's ok, because even if they go, they are still a member of our community and they'll always have a spot back with us.

In conclusion, it'll be a weird period, but it'll be a good period for the Server, and I hope you all enjoy your holidays and stay safe over your break.

Kind regards,

- Bailey

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1 hour ago, Yuri said:

I'm bad at reading, are you leaving the server?


1 hour ago, SiegeMonkey said:

we're not that lucky

just kidding, love you bailey

I'm not leaving, just doing an end of year wrap up and reminding people that people leave around this time of the year and its normal.

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1 hour ago, Bailey said:


I'm not leaving, just doing an end of year wrap up and reminding people that people leave around this time of the year and its normal.

Damn bro that’s a shame


but fr ily Bailey good post

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Love u Bailey (but not for overtaking me in XP level) and love everyone. 2019 on IG has been great and I look forward to 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, and 2030. Thankyou to everyone who has made the server very enjoyable and joyful and staff + management who further that.

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