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A Good-Bye Of Sorts

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After seeing so many people make good-bye posts, I didn't think I would be making one myself, but, here I am, making a good-bye post.

To those of you who don't know me, I am (or was) one of the longest running stormtroopers on the server. I have been a part of this community since late 2016-early 2017, and haven't joined a regiment other than the STs in that lengthy time period. Do I regret it? Absolutely not. The STs will always hold a soft spot in my cold, hard heart.

As for my reason for making this post, several technical difficulties have prevented me from joining the server and taking part in the community for several months now. While I am glad my absence has not caused difficulty among ST Command, I regret not being able to make my dreams for the regiment a reality. I sincerely wish the best for the current and future command staff of the backbone of the Empire.

Now, as in tradition, the mentions of the most memorable people in my time on the server.

@Stevo. , I highly doubt that you're here to read this, and I know you didn't leave the community on the best of terms, but you were the one who inspired me to keep going through out many difficult times. For that, I thank you.

@addamcor , you are one of the most creative people I have ever had the pleasure of talking to. Your PAC3 creations were what made me attempt to create my own masterpieces. For that, I thank you.

@Regret , I sincerely believe that you were the greatest commander the STs ever had. You raised us to new expectations. For that, I thank you.

@Alex , we didn't talk as much as we should have, but what time we spent together only improved my opinion of both you and the STs. For that, I thank you.

@Corvo , you are nowhere near as bad as I made you out to be. If I made your time on the server unpleasant in anyway, I am so f**king sorry. You didn't and don't deserve it. You are the closest thing I had to a friend on this community. For that, I thank you.

To the STs, and the former members of Widow Squad, most of you were tolerable.

In regards to the character of Malvolio "Department" Store, he is far from dead. I hope that you will see him again in the future, fighting the good fight against the galaxy-spanning conglomerate known as Interrai Incorporated.

To the rest of the community, I may not hold a positive opinion of most of you, but, with all my heart, soul, and mind, I wish only the best for each and every single one of you. You have proved to be a formative experience in my life. For that, I thank you.




Until we meet again,


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Another veteran bites the dust. Good luck man, you're the best trooper, trainer and soldier the server has ever had. All military should look up to you as an example of how to act.

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Why did nobody tell me about this? Why did I have to re-login after 8 or so months to see this? Will Department ever read this?

These are very totally, 100%, unequivocally, inspirationally legitimate questions and I am disappointed in those who did not tell me this happened >:(

(Especially that @Corvo guy - he knows where I live... Pleb)

Big sad

Anyway, thank you for mentioning me. It was great to have you around, you will always be in my top 3 troopers I have ever served with or called a pleb (there's a lot of the latter). It's also nice that people still remember I was a thing.

When push comes to shove, I hope you learnt something from the years we spent together that you can bring into the real world and I hope you never forget the adversity those first ST's went through. I've learnt very recently that those experiences can help in life.


I might be coming back soon, so hopefully we will meet again, just so I can call you a literal potato. Then make you beat another recruit training record.

I thank you for helping me deal with a lot of stupid sh*t.


P.S. Don't change ;)

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You were one of the best people I knew during my time in the ST's

Always reliable, and always up to the challenge. You stuck through thick and thin during my time in IG, and for that, I cant thank you enough

Thank you for all the incredible memories @Department


Best of luck for the future

~ Hornet

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