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Kettle Ball, Behind the Sport!

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Hello Imperial Gaming,

This is one of my most serious posts I've ever made :^), and its about an old sport, now revived by the Sith since we can't really do much on the ISD since IHC has been kinda angry at us recently, I'd like to introduce you to the world of "Kettle Ball" and all the intricacies that come with it, it is truly a fascinating sport and one that I'm sure you'll thank me for introducing you to. Some of you may already know the game, some of you may not, today, you will know the details and inner workings and machinations of the game itself.

The History of 'Kettle Ball'
Kettle Ball, originally created by three friends in the halls of Regional Government to pass the time, @John, @Max & @Zote pioneered the game in a time of darkness and despair within the community alongside @Happy who later joined in and helped them refine their creation. For a while, Kettle Ball was lost to the ages after it was banned by Darth Vader (Zaspan) and the founders of the sport went back to their normal day-to-day lives, until recently, in the golden era of 'Manager Cecil', it was revived by the very men who founded it. Now sadly a man down, John and Zote teach the game to a whole new generation of athletes, this is their story.


The rules of 'Kettle Ball'
For these rules, reference the image below the text for an easy explanation.
Rule 1: Respect the Kettle.
Rule 2: Always shake hands over the Kettle before and after a match.
Rule 3: No using any weapons but your bare hands, or risk expulsion from the league.
Rule 4: First to five points is the winner, no ties, no nothing.
Rule 5: Tossing the Kettle over your opponents goal line is a point.
Rule 6: When tossing the Kettle you can not step over the outer line marked on the ground in front of the goal line. This line is known as the foul line. If you do step over the foul line, the opposition gets the ball and you're given a yellow card, if it happens again you're out of the game.
Rule 7: When defending, do not step over or behind the goal line, you must stay on it until you have the ball in your possession.
Rule 8: You can own goal, if you do so, you lose a point.
Rule 9: If you drop the Kettle, it is called a 'waste' and the opponent takes the kettle.
Rule 10: The match can only be called off by a founder, there are no excuses.
Rule 11: There is a famous 'Golden Kettle' that can only be used in a Founder v Founder match.


The Kettle Ball Leagues
There is a league system within Kettle Ball that ranks players against each other according to their skill, to rank up you must win two matches in a row in the casual leagues+ and only one match in any leagues below casual, to demote you must lose two matches in a row. Upon refusing to shake hands at the beginning and/or end of each match you are automatically demoted no matter the outcome of your match.
To sign up to the Kettle Ball League, you must contact a founder and fill out paperwork to be placed into the Rookie League.

People within the professional league can compete in a best of three match for the title of "Kettle Ball World Champion" and are immune from challenges for the title for a week.

The ranks and their current members, are as follows.
Founder League: John, Zote and Max.
Kettle Champion: N/A
Professional League: Stubzy and Jye
Semi-Professional League: N/A
Expert League: N/A
Casual League: Bailey and Rickle
Amateur League: Aphrodite, Kippy and Shepard
Beginners League: Jay and Cupid
Rookie League: Braino, Marlu, Swift, Wingza, Aquius and Valentino
Kettle Referees: Pulse and Braino

Kettle Ball Trading Card Game
Somehow not interested in playing or betting on Kettle Ball? Fine, we have a trading card game for you too! Introducing trading cards for those sitting in the Professional League and above! Here they are.

With many more to come and rare foils to be unlocked, the trading card game is for you! Join up now and support your local team.

Kettle Ball Highlight Shots:

What can I say, except, you're welcome? You've been introduced to the world of Kettle Ball and I hope, for your own sake you decide to join the greatest sport in the history of the Galaxy.

Kind regards,

- Bailey, Kettle Ball Media & Public Relations Manager

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@John eat my shorts loser

edit: after further consideration i would like to apologise for my behaviour in this post and would like to offer a personal apology to mr @John for my harsh words in this post

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3 hours ago, Max said:

damn, might have to come back for a few rounds against the rookies 😳😳😳

We need you to come back and teach the new generation.

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